Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still in the Honeymoon Phase

Yeah, still excited about/loving crossfit. Yesterday I got to do my first "real" workout, as in participating with the rest of the class, and not doing a scaled down (ha!) beginner routine. The 6pm class had 4 people in it, 2 boys and 2 girls (including me). After completing the warm up, we were taught the movements we would be doing for the workout.

I like the format of having 5-10 minutes of group instruction with a trainer, and then going about the WOD (workout of the day) with the freshly learned skills. The whole idea behind the workouts is that you scale them down to your ability (use less weight, etc), but then you do them as fast as you can. After yesterday's workout, I was beat, but I think I could have done more? I was a little upset with myself for not giving 110%. Like a dork, I went home and practiced the move we learned that day, until I felt it was safely in my bodies memory. I'm sore today, so maybe I did give more of an effort than I thought?

Crossfit, much like everything else in life gives you back what you put in. I can already see that if I don't push myself everyday, I will not get the results I want. Its not enough to show up and go through the motions. I have to make sure I'm doing all I can, at every moment, especially when the workouts are so short! It really sucks during, and for 10 minutes after, but then...euphoria.

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