Thursday, September 23, 2010

Snowball vs. Unraveling

Lately it seems as though everything keeps going my way. Its as if the positive direction my health has taken has oozed into other aspects of my life, and things have snowballed. The events are so small that if I blinked I might miss them, but as they roll together, a significant ball of happy is formed.

Who knew that removing grains from my diet would lead to a job interview, or that joining Crossfit would make my radio only play good songs? Skeptics may say coincidence. Had I not been living it myself, I would align myself with those skeptics.

It makes me wonder, when I observe people I know getting things they want, meeting goals, etc., is this the reason why? They simply keep doing the right thing for themselves, and the rest falls into place? Positive begets positive, and then BAM! Success.

What a contrast this is to being on the other side of things, when I felt like I was constantly unraveling. Nothing was going my way. Oddly, that led to more of the destructive behaviors that caused even MORE to not go my way.

The Thai food I ate for lunch made it rain on all my outdoor runs. The ever shrinking wardrobe in my closet had me encountering traffic every time I was running just a little behind. It was like I was stuck in Alanis Morissette's "Ironic" song.

I know that some days will be inevitably bad/disappointing, but I can't help from thinking that I'm more prepared now to deal with these types of days. I continue to build up my confidence by attempting new things. With more confidence I feel better about myself in general. Feeling better about myself in general leads me to see more positive around me (and discount the negative). Seeing more positive means seeing even MORE positive. What does that equal? One hell of an annoying girl that is happy ALL. THE. TIME. and continues to have things go her way.

Man I used to hate those people.


  1. I like this. My life has been slowly taking a turn for the awesome... maybe you're onto something. :-)