Wednesday, August 31, 2011

357- Today I Ran

And I didn't die.

A little background here- I sprained my ankle 7.5 weeks ago- bad. About 2 weeks ago I was in the kitchen doing dishes at the sink, and the boyfriend deluxe decided to surprise me. All of a sudden, he popped up in my view out the kitchen window, and held the garden hose through the tiny crack in the window with a threatning "I'm going to spray you" look. Instinctively, I turned, and ran about 2 steps before I remembered my ankle (thanks shooting pain) and proceeded to suck in air through my teeth as the boyfriend deluxe laughed and said "I wasn't really going to spray you, you know."

So I hadn't really tried running since the whole hose incident. I have significantly cut down on my sugar and grain intake since the hose incident (as in, haven't had any except naturally occurring stuff (fruit) and some red velvet cake over a week ago) and it really feels like my ankle has been making progress. I mentioned awhile back that I thought it had stalled out, well, that consequently was when I fell off the wagon and was eating anything and everything. I've also been soaking it in warm salt water the past few nights. Who knows if either of those things are helping, perhaps its just had enough time to get better?

The gym by my work has a three day format- Tuesday/Thursday traditional xfit type workouts, and Wednesdays are strength/mobility days. I haven't attended a Wednesday class yet, so I was excited to check it out today. We started out with a group warm-up, and then before I knew it, I was lunging, side shuffling, and running (yes running) short distances. We then got into the workout which consisted of a whole lot of 10m sprints. I did it! I mean, I wasn't all out full sprinting like pre-ankle injury, but I was doing it pain free.


It is possible to miss running! I feel like maybe I can attempt a run/walk this weekend! Hooray!

Oh, and then, when I got home today, I saw this happened while I was at work:

Our first eggs! Finally the ladies have started earning their keep!

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