Saturday, August 20, 2011

360- Deception Pass

Today was by far the nicest day we have had all year. It finally got above 80 degrees in Seattle for more then 78 minutes. I took full advantage of the day and dragged my out of town visitors to some amazing sites. I took pictures with my real camera, so I'll have to share the pictures sometime after I upload them. It really was the quintessential northwest day. We spent time watching people fish on a beach below the Deception Pass Bridge, we rode a ferry through the San Juan Islands, and I think I might have even seen a whale. I most definitely saw a splash.

Rushing around trying to make ferries and show off all the state's gems definitely makes eating clean a challenge. Its not just the challenge of making good choices on the road, its the exhaustion of constantly going going going. I notice my guard is easier let down when I'm drained-mentally and physically.

Maybe that is why I do so well with routines. As long as I have a routine I make good choices. If I know what is coming, then it takes very little mental energy to get through my day. If everything is up in the air, or I feel I'm responsible for people's entertainment, I get so worn out. Today at dinner I did consider ordering my bunless burger with sweet potato fries rather then a salad. Then I thought better of it. I realized I was just tired and wanted to take the easy way out. So I didn't let myself. And you know what happened? I felt GREAT after dinner. Not bogged down with exhaustion, I had energy and food in my belly, and most of all I didn't feel guilty about any of my food choices.

After a day of sunshine, salt-water, and driving, I'm so ready for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow we head to Mt. Rainier. Yay!

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  1. I love Deception Pass. The walk down to the beach is great. The walk back up is a little bit harder. :)