Thursday, August 25, 2011

363- Partner WOD

Today at CrossFit, we had a partner WOD. I've done a few group/partner WOD's in the past, and let me tell you, this by far was the worst. While one person was completing 5 pull-ups (jumping), 5 push presses (65#), and 5 burpees, the other person was holding a 35# kettlebell in each hand over their chest (in the rack position). Each person had to do 5 rounds.

See, the thing about this workout is that you want your partner to go fast. No matter how fast they are moving, its not fast enough because you are holding 70 pounds over your chest and can't breathe. The kicker? I got the new girl. Not just any new girl, but the new girl that thinks she can do everything.

Before the workout started, we were having some friendly chit-chat, and I could instantly tell she thought she was a bad ass. So we begin. She was starting on the kettlebell hold while I went through the movements. It started out ok. We quickly fell behind the rest of the group, mostly because she was going so damn slow!

We had one full round to complete while everyone was crashed out on the floor making sweat angels. Here is the best part: when we finally finished? She says to me "it was really good to be paired with someone that was going the same speed as me." Oh, no she dint!

I remember what it was like being new to crossfit, and therefore I'll chalk up her snide comment to being ego-crushed and delusional. Besides, it was probably better for me to hold onto some kettlebells for a little extra time anyway. For the next hour after the workout, my arms were pretty much useless.

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