Sunday, February 14, 2010


Seven weeks, WOW! Seems like week one (the longest week ever) was just yesterday. Each day, I continue to impress myself with the little changes I have made, or am able to make because of my success this far. I keep expecting my jeans to fit me like they did 7 weeks ago, and then smile when they go on with ease fresh out of the dryer. I stared at a boat load (literally, the bowl was shaped like a boat) of guacamole for 4 hours, and only had 2 corn chips dipped in the green goodness.

Tomorrow (President's Day) I fly down to California for that interview I've been talking about for well over a month now. I'm trying to prepare myself the best I know how, and have come to terms with either outcome. Because tomorrow is President's Day, and I will be on an airplane at 7am, I took the liberty of weighing in this morning, on my Wii Fit.

In the last week, I lost 3 pounds (in case you didn't notice my ticker move)! I did really well last week. My eating was the best it could have possibly been, and that's all I want to be able to say every week. I don't expect or want 3 pound losses every week, but it was so nice to be rewarded with a big number this week!

One thing that I have started doing that shows a whole new kind of progress is being less shy about people I share this blog with. At first, I didn't plan on sharing it with anyone (well, anyone I see on a regular basis). Initially, I sort of branched out to people I see on a semi-regular basis that are very close to me. After spending hours reading tons of blogs, I began soliciting the authors of blogs I like, told my sister about my blog, and even told people I never thought I would tell. Perhaps one day I will link it to my facebook page, but I'm not there yet. I figured, everyone around me can see that I've gained weight, I might as well make my taking it off public as well. The support I have received from everyone that has stopped by has been overwhelming. I am very lucky, and this blog may be the best thing I've done for myself in years.

The next few days are going to be challenging as I travel away from home, out of my routine, and face potential emotional roller coasters from being around my crazy mom, and getting or not getting a new job. At the very least it should make for some good blog posts! Also, I will be back in Seattle on Wednesday, so I have four days to correct any major mistakes I make while traveling.


  1. Good luck with the interview!!!! Amazing loss in one week, sheesh! Ben said there were only 7 avacados in that boat, it looked like 20. With resistance skills like that you're going to get headhunted by the FBI for spy work.

  2. Oh yay! Blog post from the road :) You should post what you're eating as inspiration to the rest of us. Congrats on 3 more lbs down!!

  3. You will be famous from your blog.. I have a feeling. I wish I was.. but I think if you're not famous after 4+ years already it prolly won't happen. Wow - I think it'll be 5 in April. Sad for me. But I guess that means when you're famous, I'm riding w/ you in your limo to the Oscars or something fancypants like that. ;) And yay! Congrats on 3 more lbs! I noticed! xo