Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ode to the Foam Roller

After I lost 10 pounds, my biggest fan sent me a gift. I opened up the the package and found this inside:
No, its not some trendy decoration, dog toy, or sex pillow. Its a FOAM ROLLER, and its so awesome it deserves to be on a pedestal (especially one my dog can't reach). This tool can simulate deep tissue sports massage that runners and other athletes swear by. I'm too cheap to see a sport masseuse, so I roll my body over this thing nearly every night while watching tv.

My right hip gives me trouble sometimes when I begin to run a lot. I think it has something to do with my mattress sucking, and being out of alignment. So I tend to favor my right side. I've even noticed a little bit of asymmetry in my legs. So, I googled "foam roller exercises" and got this.

The roller is in no way as fun as it looks. First I must battle my dog because anytime I'm on the floor, he thinks its playtime, and he wants to tear the roller to shreds. Second, it hurts, and is practically a workout in itself to do some of the recommended exercises, but the results? The results are so worth it. I already see a huge difference in my hip, and the exercises do get easier each day.

A huge THANK YOU to my biggest fan for introducing me to the foam roller! We will run together again soon, and I will be running the whole way.


  1. Well crap- now I am going to give up flour again.

  2. yay for foam rollers! they hurt so good. available at www.sportsbasement.com, JFit 12/6 foam roller :)

  3. Lea, you read the part about it NOT being a sex pillow, right?