Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Phew. I just spent way too long on adding the newest gadget to my page. If you didn't notice it right off the bat, it's the graph thing under the fish. I'm still trying to figure out how to adjust the colors so that all parts of it are visible, but I'm already embarrassed about the amount of time it took me just to display it as it is.

If you haven't figured it out now, I love graphs/charts/etc. They are so visually satisfying, and motivational. I got the idea for the ticker above from another weight-loss blog, ex-hot girl. She has over 1,900 followers---*AHEM*. Anyway, I really like how it displays BMI and pounds lost, and now readers don't have to read through entire blog posts to see my progress. Its all right there...

It's probably time for me to give an update on this new job in California prospect. They called me last Tuesday (2/2/10) and said that it was time to set up a time to fly me down for an in person interview. I e-mailed them my availability (which was basically, whenever). On Wednesday I got another quick call from them asking me what the closest airport is to me. I told them Sea-Tac, and that was the gist of the conversation. On Thursday (2/4/10) I received an e-mail from them asking me if I had time to search for a ticket since all they were coming up with were $400-$500 tickets. Ideally, they said, they would like to spend under $300, and have me come down in the next week.

I took the challenge. I have spent a lot of time searching for plane tickets, so I figured, no problem. But wait...I had so many questions- what was the best airport to fly into there? What is their availability? Do I book the ticket or do they? How long do I need to be there for? Also, I mentioned I would prefer to be there for a weekend so I could visit with family and check out the area. They like this idea, since it meant that they didn't have to pay for a hotel. So I just started doing some research, and I found tickets for under $300, I found tickets for $400, and my questions had still gone unanswered. I left work Thursday night completely frustrated, as no ticket had been purchased.

I called them first thing on Friday morning, and left a nice voice mail suggesting that this process may be better conducted over the phone rather then back and forth on e-mail. I pulled up itineraries in preparation for them to call. I did more searching and found a time I could deal with, although it meant I would not be able to visit with family since it was during the week. I heard nothing all day. No call back, no e-mail.

By Monday (2/8/10), I was OVER IT. I mean, if this is how they do everything, do I really want to work there? Did I somehow piss them off and that's why they aren't calling back? At 4pm they call, they agree it would be better conducted over the phone. I pull up the best itinerary I have found so far...leaving next Sunday (2/14/10) and returning on Tuesday. I mention I won't be staying with my family since its not a weekend. Nope, that won't work because they have a holiday on 2/15/10. So I check the following day...leaving on 2/15/10, returning 2/17/10. Success...that will work. She mentions that they will get me a rental car, and asks how many days I need it. I tell her two, since this ticket would put me in at noon on Monday, and leaving around noon on Wednesday. I e-mail her the link to the Southwest itinerary so she has all the information.

Today I receive the following e-mail: Thanks Violet, we are set for the 16th. $296.80 and 1-day car rental.

WTF?!?!?!?! So, does this mean I book my ticket? Or do they? And ONE day car rental? I thought we had agreed on two. No mention of hotel...guess I'm covering that and the extra rental car day. I give them unlimited availability. I miraculously find them a ticket for a trip one week away for under $300. I sacrifice the opportunity to visit with my family while down there. This is not off to a good start. I received the aforementioned e-mail at 9am this morning. I immediately wrote back asking if they book the ticket, or if I do. Its nearly 1pm, and I haven't heard anything back. I just hope that the ticket is still there for that price if they make me book it. Jeebus.

Perhaps I'm over reacting. I should be happy in the fact they are covering my plane ticket down there. It's not like I'm a celebrity or some outstanding citizen that commands such things as an all expenses paid interview. However, I do think they could be a little quicker to respond and spend a little more time with me getting this squared away. Sigh...

Another upside to this, is now that I'm annoyed, and not blinded by free stuff, I can look at the job more objectively. Is the job worth an entire uprooting and relocation? Am I going to be taking a lifestyle pay-cut? Is the office really a step forward for my career, or does it simply get me out of the current one I'm in? All of these things will be in the forefront of my mind. All of this back and forth with them has been stressful, I know it will be over soon, and I'm looking forward to continuing my life with or without the changes this potential new opportunity will bring.

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