Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Spandex is Baggy

I recently acquired this beautiful cake plate (it was a present from my mom for getting through the interview, before I had heard either way). The timing of the cake plate acquisition does not coincide very well with the timing of me trying to change my eating habits. Such is life. As soon as I got this plate, all I wanted to do was make a huge, fabulous, giant, covered in fluffy frosting, layer cake. For the past week, CAKE could not be thrown from my mind for more then 5 minutes.

This happens to me a lot, actually. I get these ideas (food based usually) that I absolutely CANNOT get out of my head until a) I make them, b) I eat them or c) both. I guess one could call them cravings, but it goes beyond that. I have a hard time believing that a pregnant lady will have cake (or some other "craving") in her mind for a full week, and not do anything about it. I think a craving is somehow more carnal, and gets satisfied immediately no matter what.

No, what I have is beyond a craving, obsession would be a better description. For the past week I have been thinking about what kind of cake to make, then talking myself out of it because a) I'm trying to change my habits, b) making a whole cake for two people is ridiculous, c) it isn't anyone's birthday, d) I will eat it, e) I must figure out a way to deal with these obsessions that doesn't result in me consuming the said food. These obsessions usually always involve foods that are not the best for me...some of my frequent ones- Thai food, Paseo (life changing pork sandwiches), cake, Indian food, you get the idea.

Finally last night, I broke down. I got home, made a delicious salad for dinner, and as I was chopping lettuce, I noticed the pineapple I bought at the store the other day needed to be cut. So after dinner, I begin cutting it, and then, *cake* flashes through my head. Oh, how cute a pineapple upside-down cake would look on my new plate. I will just make it, I don't have to eat any. I'll make it for Dave, yeah, he likes cake. We can freeze some. See? Crazy.

So I made the cake. I did not eat any yet (well, if you don't include batter). And it does look pretty on my new plate. I figure, hey, I got the cake plate thing out of my system. I did not make a huge 3 layer frosting laden cake like I was originally planning, and pineapple upside-down cake is practically fruit (kidding).

I do know that the more I give into my "obsessions" the more obsessions I have, and the more I give in, and the more obsessions I have. I do know that when I don't plan ahead I'm more likely to make bad decisions. I do know that sometimes I just need to get something out of my system (like making a cake) and move on.

Oh, and today, at the gym, I noticed my spandex pants are getting wrinkly around my legs, and they are not really tight. Baggy spandex? That's an oxymoron. Guess its time for new workout clothes.


  1. I understand- I am currently obsessed with a sheer shirt that has to be so sheer (black) that you can only see an outline. I am determined to make this shirt though I have never finished a sewing project in my life. If you have more cake obsession I love going through betterhomesandgardens website. They have some 'healthier' options. I really want to make a peanut butter pie and there does not seem to be a healthier option for that. BTW- your cake looks really really good. BTW- this is really long. BTW- all pillows are sex pillows. Gross.

  2. OH! And I am jealous of your cake plate.