Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bravo, Seattle! Bravo!

What a day we are having today here in Seattle. It's February 6, but you would never know that by stepping outside. I had to get outside and enjoy the day. I decided to run all my errands on foot today. Shoot...all my jeans were in the wash, so I put on a pair of striped black cotton pants that are sort of tight on me, and the waist annoying folds over every time I sit down, or breathe. I pulled on the pants, and to my surprise, they slid on with ease. I sat down and the waist did not roll down into an annoying ball. Huh.

I headed out to the house and was so pleased that the pants I was wearing actually fit me like they are supposed to, mix that with the warmth and the sun, and I was feeling great. I was on my way to Nordstrom to try on suits for the interview that I think I have coming up sometime this month. I'm just preparing, I can always take the suit back if the interview falls through.

I picked out a variety of pieces, in two different sizes, just to see what worked best. I had a helpful sales woman set me up with a room. I went into the room, and began trying on the suits. Wow, a three-way mirror is a great way to kill my sunshine/pants fitting buzz. When did I let myself get this fat? Perhaps I should install a three-way mirror in my bedroom. Even though I've lost 10 pounds, I still have a long way to go.

I found a nice black suit, and fuchsia colored shell to wear underneath. I had to force myself to buy the suit that fit me right now, not the one that I hoped would fit by the interview. This was SO hard to do. But then I remembered, this is me right now. I'm only shopping for the me right now. This will not always be me, and when that day comes, I can shop for that me. For today, however, I must shop for the me right now.

Leaving the mall, I headed out for a longer walk to the grocery store, I needed a few items, but mostly I wanted to enjoy every second of this day. As I walked, I was reminded again of how much better my pants were fitting me. I thought of all my progress over the past 6 weeks, and refused to get discouraged by the images from the dressing room that continued to pop into my head. I am making progress. Slow, but definite progress.

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  1. Good think Nordstrom has that awesome return policy when that suit is too big for you! :)