Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Training Has Begun

Yesterday I woke up later then usual (I think I mentioned my boyfriend no longer requires a ride to school before 8am) got dressed for the gym, and proceeded to move incredibly slow. By the time I finished all of my morning routine, it was 8:00am - the time I'm usually pulling up to the Y parking lot. I was still going to go. I got into my car, and F*CK. Gas light. So, I went and got gas, got coffee, and drove to work. I'll workout after work I told myself (I gave myself a 50/50 chance of actually following through).

I was back on track with my eating, blogging, and being productive at work. 5pm rolled around quickly, and I changed back into my workout clothes, and headed to the Y. When I pulled into the garage, I was instantly reminded of why I work out in the morning. No spots on the first level. This means a busy cardio room, and perhaps 3rd or even 4th choice of machine! I navigated my way through 100's of screaming children, got to the cardio room, and found a lone empty treadmill.

My plan was to do some interval training since I hadn't really done any of that yet, and intervals (fartleks) are essential when distance training. I warmed up for 5 minutes, then kicked up the treadmill to a 6 mph. I did 2 minutes on (running at 6.0)/ 1 minute off (walking at 3.8) for 20 minutes, then cooled down. It felt great. I think partly because I always have better runs at the end of the day when I'm more warmed up, but also because I was so happy that I was running at a 10 minute mile pace!

I woke up this morning feeling great, and actually made it to the gym before work! I did a nice hard elliptical course, followed that up with some abs, and plan to run around Greenlake tomorrow. Back on track!

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