Monday, March 15, 2010

DST= My Favorite

I do a lot of stupid things. Rarely do they end up with me causing harm to myself, property, or others. I guess stupid might be too harsh of a word. Silly things might be more appropriate. Things that I hope no one sees, like rocking out in my car (even though its basically a box of windows?!), spilling saucy food down the front of my shirt, or slipping on the ONLY banana peel ever to be on the ground, in my path.

Over the weekend, the news had a segment on Daylight Savings Time, must've been a slow night. Anyway, they were talking about the effects of losing an hour of sleep, and whether there was any information or studies done about this. Turns out that the monday after DST, there are more car accidents. Hmmm. I thought that to be interesting, and then remembered how in October, upon returning from a trip to Europe and being jet-lagged, I scraped my car against some concrete in the garage. I had never hit anything before, ever. I have never been to Europe before. Jet lag had to be the explanation. So, the DST theory seemed plausible, although, I can't ever remember feeling any extra tired, or being able to attribute something silly I've done directly to DST.

I didn't get my normal 9 hours of sleep last night because I could not fall asleep! No, not DST, but putting an offer in on my dream home apparently makes me an insomniac. So I got about 6.5 hours of sleep, dragged myself to the gym to energize myself- which totally worked, btw, and then proceeded to injure myself shortly after.

How you ask? Well, I was filling up my water bottle at the office water cooler, and I used up the last of the 5 gallon container. I pulled up on the empty container to replace it, and it didn't budge. I used more force, and in the process, I was no longer pulling up, but more pulling towards myself. The empty container popped free, and hit me square in the lower lip. Ouch. Ouch! I'm going to get a fat lip. I touched my lip, and I was bleeding! WTF. I actually made myself bleed changing the water. And then I thought back to the news segment on DST...argh...

Weight is staying put for now. My routine took a back seat last week as I decided I needed to become a landlord and buy a house and fought off that weird 24 hour bug. I'm back, things are falling into place, and I can do it all. Provided I get the right amount of sleep, that is.


  1. you put an offer on a house?!?! I thought you just got approved for a general loan- not a particular house loan. Where is it? Description please! Talk about backseat- my workouts didn't happen because of last week- though I made up for it at the gym but I need to get back on the healthy-eating habits horse.

  2. i didn't really work out last week either - too snotty! sorry you are injured but that's pretty funny! oh and i've slipped on a banana peel before. it was just like the cartoons.

  3. War wounds baby! I mean, that's coming from the biggest klutz you know - me. And yay for the offer - I'm keeping everything crossed! xo