Friday, March 12, 2010

Take Nothing for Granted

Yesterday, I woke up and I was so nauseous. My mind reeled as I tried to think of everything I had ate in the past 2 days. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Besides, its never the things that you think are making you sick actually are. I trudged on to work, and figured I would just leave after I inevitably puked.

Waves of nausea continued to crash over me. No food sounded good to me, my latte went untouched. I drank two glasses of water, and still nothing was making feel like myself.

I ended up going home early, and crawling into bed. It was so baffling to me, this was not a cold, no. This was not the flu, no. Or was it? No. Something I ate? Maybe, but I don't know what. 24-hour bug? Possible. All I knew is that I would give anything to feel healthy enough/stable enough to work out. I was kicking myself for not finding the time the day before, when I DID feel healthy.

Sometimes, ok, a lot of times, I take my health for granted. I am so fortunate that I only get one cold a year. I'm able to run 3 miles. I can do sit-ups, and resistance training, and just about anything. This odd sickness made me see how all that can change in one day. I wanted to work out again. I wanted to drink water, and eat food again. How long was this feeling going to last? What if I never felt better. I couldn't even imagine. I now had yet another reason to continue to push myself, because I can, and there are people out there who cannot.

Continuing my obsession with weight-loss/journey blogs, I am so inspired by the people that have reached their goals, or are nearly there. Each and everyone of them discusses how easy it was, and they don't know what changed, all of sudden one day they could just do it. They talk about how they are in fear that one day they will slip back. They do not take their progress for granted. They continue to work hard every day, and remember where they have been.

I woke up today, and I felt great! I could not believe I could go from feeling so crappy, to feeling so good, in such a short amount of time. I am so grateful for how I feel today, its seriously like night and day. With the feeling of yesterday fresh in my mind, I am headed to work out. I hope its a long time before I ever feel that way again, but I will remember that day the next time I don't feel like getting my ass to the gym.


  1. Glad whatever it was tho didn't last long and you're back to good health!

  2. This is a great blog entry. I agree with what you said-- most of the people I know who have been successful tried many times, and finally it just "clicked" and they were "ready". It was hard so many times, and then suddenly it was just easy. I think this is your time, Violet, when you will be successful. Keep your chin up and don't take anything for granted, because those are the people who gain it back.