Friday, March 5, 2010

Who Feels Good?

I feel good. Initially coming to my blog this morning to sign in and write this post, I was directed to some sort of other site, and my anti-virus popped up. My site had been hacked?! I had a minor freak-out, then logged out of everything, changed my passwords, and Googled how to fix it. I had to delete my countdown gadget at the bottom of the page, I apologize if anyone got re-directed from my blog earlier!

I ran around Greenlake this morning as opposed to going to the gym. It is a beautiful March day here, and I felt really good the whole time. The three mile loop took me roughly 35 minutes. I kept my pace nice and relaxed, my lungs felt good, but I could feel a little heaviness in my legs. Most likely due to the Jillian videos! That's right, four for four.

Yesterday, as I was doing Level One of the 30-Day Shred, I paid attention to my form. I am able to complete more repetitions, with better form then the last time I did the video (3 days ago). That is incredible! Just like Jillian says, I will be shredded in no time. After tonight, I will be five for five. The weekends are my breaks from the video, but I will still be getting in cardio workouts. Hopefully, by Monday, all the lactic acid built up in my muscles will be gone, and I'll be feeling lighter again.

In other news, my boyfriend and I have decided to take a huge leap, and attempt to BUY A HOUSE. Now, this great, awesome, idea comes with a few caveats. First, we must rent our existing condo for a price that mostly covers that mortgage. Second, my boyfriend needs to pick up more hours at work, which means dropping out of school next quarter and working full time (luckily, he has been begging me for a break from school for some time). Ideally, he will be starting back up in the fall, after a spring/summer break. Third, we need to get approved for a loan, find a place we like, make and offer, and get picked. Ok, so that was like 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. We have someone coming by to look at the condo on Sunday to see if she would like to rent it.

One year ago we put our condo on the market, trying to sell it, with the hopes of buying a house. Eleven months later, it did not sell. Then, as I was interviewing for the job in California, the possibility that we would be moving was on the table, and we had to have a plan. If I got the job, there would be no time to go back on the market, so we were going to rent it. Now that I did not take the job, we had to come up with a new plan. Do we go back on the market? Or rent it, just as we were going to do if we moved? Looking at the present economic situation, and the numbers, we would not make anything off of selling it. So, we decided to just see if anyone would want to move in.

We then ran some numbers assuming a) we had a renter, b) Dave was working full time, and c) we eat nothing but rice and beans; we figured out what sort of second mortgage/home price we could afford. I spoke to the bank, and to our AWESOME real estate agent, and there are homes out there for us! We are going to look at places tomorrow with our agent. It would be ridiculous not to take advantage of the market and low rates today. This idea/plan should add some excitement to my life as I figure out how to get us out of our 500 square foot condo, and into a home or townhome at least double that size!

Also, the smaller I get, the more roomy a new place will feel!

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