Monday, March 22, 2010

At Peace

Last week was such a great week for me in so many ways. All my demons were tested and brought out early in the week when what I thought was my "dream house" slipped out of my reach. I forced myself to get over it, and somehow I ended up finding the root cause to why I am here today. Why I'm holding onto many excess pounds, and once again trying to shed them. The revelation was so great, and so freeing, I have been literally walking on clouds ever since I typed it out.

On Saturday, we looked at more houses, and found some good ones- all is not lost, we will find our house! I got together with my friends and played some good competitive sports, I have great friends. Then, there was my run on Sunday. Wow. It was phenomenal. It came with such ease, and the whole time I kept thinking about how not that long ago, this run, this feeling, was impossible to achieve. I didn't stop at my normal stopping point, I kept on pushing, and kept making my run longer and harder as I went on. The weather was nice. I was feeling good, why not just keep pushing? I ran down to the community college, found some stairs, and began running up and down the stairs. I told myself I was going to do 5 sets. I ended up doing 10. Running up and down 10 flights of stairs after a 35 minute run? WHO WAS I?

This morning I weighed in, and finally, I have a loss! After gaining one week, then losing the gain and nothing more the next week, I have lost one more pound! I haven't reached the big 2-0 loss yet, but soon.

I also decided this morning, that I will be registering for the Seattle Rock n' Roll Half Marathon today. The race take place on June 26th. Last year I ran in it, and it was my first half marathon. I thought about training, but it just never happened. I still completed the race. I am in a much better position this year to begin a training regimen, and even if I don't make it as far as I want, I know that I will still be able to finish because I did last year with no training and at least 20 more pounds on my body! I'm sad that I don't have a buddy to sign up with me this year, but hey, during the race I'm going to be on my own anyway.

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