Monday, March 29, 2010

So Bizzy

Last week was crazy busy for me. Something had to give. Unfortunately, it was my blogging time, and my healthy eating choices. It seems that the two go hand in hand. I always knew this blog was good for me, but last week was true affirmation of the fact that typing everyday about my quest to be healthy actually keeps me accountable for following through.

The biggest news is that the offer we put on a house got accepted. The inspection was last Friday, and we have mutual acceptance. I can't even begin to explain how long I have wanted a house. A house to fix up, a yard to plant, parties to throw, etc. The thought of me being so close to that dream scares the crap out of me, because, then what? Everyone was so right when they told me not to be upset after our first offer on a different house was rejected. Somehow everyone knew our house would come. It did. Once I find a renter for my condo, I will truly be excited beyond belief. I'm stressed about money now, but I know I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make this work.

After spending the week catching up on work (I had been spending so much energy looking for a house), having a stressful homeowners association meeting, and making arrangements to close in a month on our house, we took a weekend trip to Portland. Portland was great. Nice weather, lots of fun, great food, and dogs! So, as you can see, no time for blogging. All the action and excitement of last week lead to many celebration meals, road food, delicious meals in Portland, and more road food.

When I returned home on Sunday, I had a package waiting for me. It was a regular post office marked box, but it was wrapped with this cute sushi packing tape. I opened it up, and it was my prize from being a runner-up in Jack Fit's contest! I was so excited as I went through all the stuff Jack sent to me. Anyone from Seattle is familiar with Archee McPhee' was as if Archee had packed the box himself. I will post pictures of the items at some point, once I find a way for each of the items to remind me of my journey. I've got some good ideas already.

I weighed in this morning, and I was only up by 1/2 a pound. I figure with my behavior last week, that's pretty damn good. The next few weeks/months are going to be challenging as my routine gets shook up by moving, and my boyfriend is working full time (meaning I don't have to take him to his 8am class.) Luckily, I have built a good foundation. I have learned a lot about myself over the past 3 months, and most importantly, I know I MUST keep blogging.

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