Thursday, March 4, 2010

So Full...

Three for three. I am very proud of myself. The Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred Video is comprised of 3, 20-minute workouts. Each increasingly harder then the previous, however for each level there are modifications for each exercise, to build up your strength before doing the full movement (e.g. girl push-up instead of military style, etc.) On my iPhone calendar, I scheduled an appointment with the video for every workday, for the next four weeks. Basically I run through each level once, then repeat, except for the last week, where I alternate between levels 2 and 3 only.

Now that I have completed 3 days of this new routine; my morning workouts plus the Jillian video as soon as I get home at night, I realized my appetite has increased significantly. On Monday, I had a dessert of greek yogurt, strawberries, honey, and granola, because I was still hungry after dinner. Day two, we went out for gelato. Day three, NOTHING! I wanted dessert last night, but I had nothing. I woke up absolutely starving. I was so hungry I didn't think I'd be able to workout unless I ate something. I threw and extra apple into my lunch this morning, thinking "that should do it."

I think you all know me better then that. Well, after 40 minutes at the gym, still hadn't eaten anything, I decided that I would get a chocolate muffin and orange juice (aka, my favorite breakfast of all time) at the store while I got my latte. I got to work, and instead of my packed oatmeal, I feasted on muffin and orange juice and latte. It was delicious. I am uncomfortably full now, but there was no way around this today, especially since I definitely did not eat enough filling food last night.

There is a learning opportunity in here somewhere... Ok, so I KNOW that it is proven (especially in women) that the more you exercise the more appetite you have. I also KNOW that if you eat more calories then you burn exercising, you aren't going to see any benefits. These are hard facts that can not be disputed. Now, I KNOW the following about myself: I can get cocky when I think I'm doing well, and eat too much. I can easily think about something, and HAVE to have it. I am the master of excuses/justifications.

All that being said, where does that leave me? Well, if I'm going to be hungry, but eating more will nullify my additional workout, I need to make better choices. Fruit, veggies, water. These are my options. I am in no way at a point where I can relax. Eight and nine weeks ago, I was hungry all the time. How did I get through that? I wanted to. I must do the same now. I will adjust to the additional exercise, so I get additional benefit.


  1. maybe half a banana on the way to the gym would keep you from bonking (and ending up w/a choco muffin, though that sounds delicious)? i hate to eat right before i work out, but sometimes something benign like a couple of crackers, or half a larabar powers me through.

    got my new runner's world today! did you see it's the "weight loss" issue?

  2. Man, I can't work out if I haven't eaten.. At least whole wheat toast w/ peanut butter or oatmeal or some fruit like a banana.. but don't be so hard on yourself either. I keep a protein bar in the car just in case I feel like I'm going to eat my hand. Just a thought. You're doing fantastic! xo