Thursday, April 29, 2010

Summer All the Time

My schedule has still been so crazy, I didn't do anything yesterday or Tuesday exercise-wise, except for painting cupboards. While granted that is more of a caloric expenditure then watching tv, it still is not exactly what I planned. Tuesday, I just didn't wanna, and yesterday I had to be into work early, and a meeting directly after work. I jumped off that lazy bus this morning and hit the gym, since I have another event tonight. My eating has been pretty good, so really, I'm doing the best I can. I know its going to be a few weeks until things settle down. Blah, blah, blah.

My main source of motivation right now is the 1/2 marathon, which is perfect. I know that I'm already in such a better place then I was last year, and I just want to continue to build on that over the next month. The race is in approximately 2 months! I know that may sound like a lot of time, but really, its not at all. I need to log at least an 8 mile run by the end of May. I do not want to slip back and lose any of the ground I've gained. That is my motivation.

Another source of motivation is the warmer weather coming soon. See, Seattle does this tricky thing where it doesn't ever let you know that nicer weather is coming. It sucks, especially for someone who grew up mostly in California. California gently eases you into Summer with this little thing called Spring. Seattle hasn't received the memo about "Spring" and proceeds to drag out Winter till approximately July 5th, and then BAM! Summer. There is no time to gradually let your skin get tan/base coat. There is no time to mentally prepare yourself for a bathing suit. Summer just shows up one day, and either you are ready or (most likely) you are not.

Well, I'm on to you Seattle. It only took 9 years (really? I've been here that long?) to figure out your little game. For the past 9 years I've fallen for the sun in April. You give us a sunny day above 65 about once every April, and I go outside in short sleeves, only to get horribly sunburned, and have it go away the next day. This burn/white pattern continues until September. I'm sure you think that's funny.

Because there is no "Spring" my body never understands the last minute push to get ready for shorter clothes. I end up beginning to exercise in July, and then by September, its time for jeans, sweaters, and fall comfort food. I'm going to be ready for when you surprise me with Summer this year. I'm going to be ready because I've been preparing since January. In fact, after this year, I'm going to be ready for Summer every day, because to me, that is what being healthy means. Being ready for whatever it is you want to do, all the time. Me? I want it to be Summer all the time.

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