Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nothing But Motion

I realized about half an hour ago that I haven't stopped moving all day. Once that thought passed through my head, I was instantly exhausted. I finished up some dishes, and crawled into bed with my laptop. Laying down in my bed feels fabulous!

So, my day. It went like this: Woke up, put the 8 finished drawers I painted the night before back in their spots. I pulled the last 6 drawers out and painted the first coat on those. Did some dishes (we no longer have a dishwasher). Woke up the boyfriend, made some coffee. Unpacked 3 boxes of stuff that was waiting to go into the drawers I finished painting. Started some laundry (full size washer, OMG!). Boyfriend and I went to the condo to do last minute cleaning there- renter moves in on Friday. Got dropped back off at the house, and proceeded to go to the front room and pull the remaining staples out of the hardwood floor where we ripped up the carpet (Dave is re-finishing the floors Tues, Wed and Thurs, so they need to be ready). Swept and vacuumed all the staples/foam bits/dust. Swept the rest of the house. Switched laundry/folded laundry. Did more dishes. Went for a 5 mile run. Made dinner. Switched laundry. Finished painting the 6 drawers. Did more dishes. Folded laundry. I'm even more tired now just reading this.

I guess my point here is that energy breeds energy. I can't imagine being able to have a day like this 4 months ago. My day wasn't filled with "chores" I was just doing. I don't know how to explain it. I just seamlessly moved from one thing that had to be done to another. Including getting my exercise in for the day. Lately I have really been inspired by some of my close friends. They are doing amazing things- running 6.75 miles and then completing level one shred, completing 6.9 miles at the gym, hungover 6.15 mile run. Its all so amazing, and continues to set the bar higher.

My run today was great. It was my first run beginning at my new house. I mapped out my route ahead of time, but was unsure of the exact topography. I knew the first part of my run would be downhill, and that means the last part would be uphill. I need to learn/practice hills, now is as good a time as any! I was nice and controlled the whole time. The downhill part was nice, and when I got to the flat bike path part, I noticed the wind was blowing like crazy! I was running with the wind. Now, my return trip would not only be mostly uphill, but against the wind too! Lucky me. Honestly? It wasn't so bad. I did it. I felt great after. I also realized my new neighborhood is adorable.



  1. Awesome! 20lbs that is crazy cool and inspirational! ALSO- HELL YES!-for the house and moving and making it your own!

  2. LOL for hungover running! nothing like exrx to clear the head.

  3. I used to love finding a new route where I lived.. that's awesome you have one. I wish my hips could handle pavement like that but not anymore.. I'm amazed at how much you can do w/ the moving in and painting.. That paragraph did make me tired. Woot!