Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shredding Makes the Sun Come Out

For the past two days, and today (to make 3 days) my boyfriend Dave has been busy re-finishing the hardwood floors on the house we just bought. Our intention was to complete this project prior to move in, so that there was no furniture in the house, and therefore all of our stuff wouldn't be covered with sawdust. Well, life happens, and closing on the house got delayed, so we (he) had to put off the floors until now. His boss kindly gave him a 3 day weekend this week, after giving him only one day off last week. The three days were MUCH needed, because this is turning into a bigger undertaking then we had presumed.

This floor project is also taking a much bigger toll on my routine then moving did! I thought moving was going to really throw me off, but as I sat in bed last night, grumpy as all hell, I realized I hadn't worked out since my 5 mile run on Sunday, and I had eaten at restaurants the past 3 days. It had been cold and stormy for the past 3 days- rain, hail, thunder, the whole deal. I shouldn't have to be turning my heat on in May, but it was 47 degrees out!?

Last night when we went to bed, Dave asked me if I had still been working out. Here's where the grumpy comes out...I said (irritated) "No, I haven't worked out in three days. Ann (my co-worker) has been giving me rides to work in the morning so you can have the car, its been crappy outside, there is dust covering everything, the house smells like a wood shop, and its MAY, we shouldn't be this cold." I have mentioned before how I am severely affected by the weather. Seattle is probably not the best place for me to live, but, when the sun is out here, there is no place I rather be. I discovered that in order to keep my sanity, I need to exercise during the winter, and during the (lack of) spring. I knew my grumpiness was due to lack of exercise.

I woke up this morning 30 minutes before my alarm, and I said "I'm going to shred before my co-worker comes to pick me up." I got dressed, I almost succeeded in talking myself out of it twice, but then realized how much I needed to sweat. I put on Level 2 of the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred (the hardest level, imo...) and sweat my ass off. Needless to say, when I was done, I looked outside, and saw clear blue skies, birds chirping, and rays of sun. I felt like me again.

Its official: Shredding makes the sun come out.


  1. Funny- I woke early and did Shred level 2 too. I know your floors are a pain now but think of how nice they will be!

  2. not working out makes me want to stab things. i feel ya.

  3. Good job on recognizing the need and actually following through with doing what needed to be done (sweat!)

  4. I hear you on the 47 degree thing.. good god. Sooo cold. My heat is on right now. Still one of your biggest fans!! xo