Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't Have to Cook a Salad

My plan for last week was this:

Monday- REST DAY!
Tuesday- Anti-Jared 60 minute elliptical challenge
Wednesday- run Greenlake
Thursday- Track run 6 X 400m and Shred
Friday- Greenlake
Saturday- Moving!! (my furniture is heavy!)
Sunday- 5 mile run (again)

In reality, I did this:

Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Anti-Jared 60 minute elliptical challenge
Wednesday- nothing
Thursday- nothing
Friday- Greenlake
Saturday- Moving/unpacking
Sunday- unpacking/paintoga (yoga as a result of painting)

Just as I anticipated, my routine was interrupted by house closing/moving. I ate a lot of bad food. I was expecting a huge gain on the scale this morning, but NO! It went down ever-so-slightly. Not quite to the 20lb loss yet, but within spitting distance for sure. That energized me to hit the gym first thing this morning and run it out on the treadmill for 30 minutes. It felt great. I am a little sore from moving/unpacking/painting and running helped me loosen up a bit.

Its going to be a little crazy for the next couple of weeks, but I just have to make sure I get my workout in. Probably the morning will be the best. My commute to the Y from my new house rocks! One day soon, I will try parking near the bike trail and running on that to substitute for Greenlake. Oh, and there is that school by my house with the real track, I can run that too.

My plan for this week:

Monday- Gym, 30 minutes treadmill
Tuesday- Wake 'n Shred (levels 2 and 3)
Wednesday- Bike path run?
Thursday- Track run 6 X 400m
Friday- Rest day
Saturday- Neighborhood run/explore
Sunday- 5.5 mile bike path run

Ok, so now that we are all moved in, there is no reason for me to not get right back into my routine. In a few days the rest of the kitchen stuff will be unpacked, and then I can make meals again. Fortunately, salads don't require any cooking, or very much kitchen equipment.


  1. I think I am going to try an join you (not literally, but do it too) on your 5.5 sunday mile run. I have to google map it but I have some runs I want to try. Hills included.

  2. i'm doing 7 this w/e, yikes!! might have to scale that back a bit. i've been making salads again, too - forgot how easy they were.

    did .5 hour walk this AM, will shred this PM.