Sunday, April 4, 2010

Small Craft Advisory

Normally I'm not one to complain about too much wind. Wind seems all too elusive here in Seattle whenever its sunny, warm, and I want to be going fast in a sailboat. When I want to run however? Small craft advisories. It has been SO windy the past three days. Windy enough that I tried to use it as an excuse to not run my 4 mile training run today. Twice.

I hate running in the wind. One way is totally awesome, and the other way totally sucks. I found motivation for today's run by reading some of my favorite blogs. I mapped out my route to ensure I had a full 4 miles. I dressed accordingly.

Just when I decided the wind had subsided enough, I headed out. As soon as I rounded the corner of my block, I was hit with a huge gust. Damn, I thought. It was not my best run, but parts of it were good, (when the wind was behind me) and I did it. That is the most important thing. Just doing it. Now, its easier to watch what I eat. It will be easier to wake up tomorrow and hit the gym.

I was talking to my mom yesterday, and she was asking me what my plans were for Easter (today). I told her I didn't have any plans since Dave has to work, and all my family lives in another state. She said, "oh, that is good! Then you won't have to eat a big meal with crappy food! That's great." It's no wonder I'm so fucked up. I just rolled my eyes and let her talk. She then proceeded to tell me about the humongous meal she was making for my aunt and cousins that are coming over. Awesome.


  1. I live in Seattle too (well, Bellevue)! This weather has been nuts... it's awesome you got out in it for a run. :)

  2. nice work! i was the only non-wuss in SF out running today - it was pouring but as a former seattle-ite, i can hang :)