Friday, April 23, 2010

Trying to Keep My Head Above Water

Oh, boy. I'm just trying to hang on till tomorrow. I don't know why everything has to happen at once, but it does. I should just get used to that, and expect it. We closed on our house this week, and it has taken almost all of my energy. Work is falling behind. My duties on the Homeowners Association are ramped up this week due to a building investigation next week, and our monthly meeting coming up that I have to prepare for. I'm behind on my blogging/blog reading. There are boxes everywhere, and I can't find anything I need. After Saturday, things will be better, I will only be living out of boxes at one house instead of two.

I do want to give a shout out to my boyfriend, he kicks so much ass. As of now, he has done all the packing and moving into the new place. He had the day off yesterday, and moved all the boxes and little things he could. We are getting a truck tomorrow to move the big furniture. He ripped up the carpet in the room where it was covering hardwoods, replaced all the light bulbs with compact fluorescent, replaced all three door locks, installed window locks, had dinner ready for me when I got there (fast food, but still)...and then when we finally made it back to the condo last night, he packed up MORE stuff into the car and took it to the new house. Insane.

My job tonight is to pack everything else. Its mostly my clothes, dishes, and random decorations. The thought of having only one more night in the condo is kind of sad for me too. While it is small, and definitely not a long-term dwelling, it was the first place I bought. All on my own. I made it mine. Dave moved in and we made it ours. There are little things I will miss, like the proximity to Greenlake, the dog park, and summer time floating lake, and being within walking distance to so many shops/restaurants.

A house however, has been a dream of mine for years. I have been surfing real-estate sites since 2005. We started going to open houses here and there three years ago, and have actually been looking at houses with agents for over a year. It hasn't sunk in yet, that my dream is here. I own a home. Every time I go to my new house, I find something else to love about it. I just discovered the perfect Japanese maple in the front yard, and the two beautiful lilac trees in the back yard, along with 3 fruit trees...not sure what kind yet. I'm sure we will make it our own soon enough, and I will find more things about the area that I like. Last night we were driving home from the Home Depot, and about 2 blocks away from the house is a school track! A real one! I no longer have to improvise for my 1/2 marathon training.

Wednesday and Thursday I did not stick to my schedule. I didn't apply my strategies either for the challenges I faced. I knew that if I didn't wake up today and run, it would be a month before I ran again. I also knew that this morning would be my last Greenlake run for a long time. Two days of not working out, and a cheeseburger yesterday helped me wake-up before my alarm. I got ready, and ran around the lake. It was tough, but I'm so glad I did it. It was because I ran that I ate my oatmeal and strawberries today. It was because I ran that I had my chicken breast and pineapple for lunch. And, it was because I ran today, that I will be running tomorrow.

Deep breath...One thing at a time.


  1. "random decorations" = FISH! hahahahaha

  2. Yeah, unfortunately between Tasha and Dave, most of the fish have been eradicated. MOST...

  3. Except Dave's giant really-cool fish tank!

    Fake fish=Housewarming presents!

  4. Actually Lea, you can get us REAL fish for housewarming presents!! How fun is that?

  5. was about to say something about lea and animals/fishy pets. i will restrain myself.