Monday, April 12, 2010

Devils vs. Angels

My head is all over the place today. I have been staring at my computer for the last 2.5 hours trying to get it to do work for me. Including write this blog post. No such luck. I don't know where to begin, so I'll start with my workout plan for this week:

Monday- Jillian Michaels shred after work
Tuesday- run Greenlake (no short cuts, 3.3 miles)
Wednesday- intervals 6 x 400 meters (may have to find a real track this time)
Thursday- run Greenlake (no short cuts)
Friday- 40 minute elliptical
Saturday- rest day
Sunday- 5 mile run

The jumble of thoughts in my head today goes back and forth between how good I feel, how I'm going to furnish/decorate my house, whether or not we are going to close on the date we want to (8 days!?), finding a renter, doing my job, finding something to blog about, finishing my taxes today, and when I'm going to eat my lunch.

As of today, I'm still at 19 pounds lost, and if my body needed to take that month long deep breath before moving on, I'm ok with that. This whole journey is a battle between good and evil in my head. The evil is always going to be there, and represents short term pleasure, selfishness, and self-destruction. The good is always there as well, representing health, peace, and overall contentedness.

I often confuse being content with being bored, and that usually leads to the evil stepping up and offering me a way out of my "boredom." This battle will continue for the rest of my life, I know. I don't need to eradicate the evil, I just need to ensure the good wins 90% of the battles.

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  1. 19 lbs is still huge, even a month later! maintaining is good, right?