Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 14: Sodium and the Scale Gang Up on Me

I think I'm ingesting too much sodium. My scale decided to give me a giant middle finger this morning, and although last week wasn't my best week, it was NOT worthy of the treatment my scale gave me today. I have noticed that it has been quite awhile since I have been woken up in the middle of the night with the urge to pee. As I mentioned in an earlier post, that is a sure sign to me that my body is losing weight. I haven't cut back on my water drinking, so my body just must be holding onto the water.

This week I plan to be super conscious of my sodium intake. That should be relatively easy, since I make the majority of my meals. We keep an open bowl of Kosher salt on our stove to just "toss in" to whatever we are cooking. I never measure the amount I use, I pretend I'm a trained chef and just use my hands (I learned this by watching my chef boyfriend). Its funny, any time I make something for him, and I think I add a lot of salt to it, he says "this is good, but it needs more salt." I think he might be immune to salt.

Well, this week, I will be hiding that bowl of salt, and trying to reset the balance in my body. At the gym this morning I came up with a kick ass plan for my 1/2 marathon training this week that I'm pretty excited about too. My plan:

Monday: 30 minutes Elliptical, strength train at night
Tuesday: 5 X 400 meters at the local school track (400 meter = one lap, I will be running pretty fast) 2 minute rest in between.
Wednesday: Greenlake Run (3.1 miles)
Thursday: 40 minutes Elliptical, strength train at night
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Greenlake Run
Sunday: 4 mile Run

I will be running 4 miles again this Sunday because I felt kind of robbed yesterday with the wind and all. It is a slight revision to my previous schedule where I was increasing by a mile a week. I think that is too aggressive, and just take it week by week.


  1. Keep with it Vi- sometimes its just what your body does- remember what you told me! You are building muscle and so some weeks you will not lose weight no matter how hard you try.

  2. lol re thinking you are a chef w/the salt! :)