Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm a Crappy Friend

Yesterday I was in awe of how the little things can mean total derailment of a plan. Today, however, I am in awe of how some bigger (almost legitimate) things can't stop me!

In my post earlier today, I said I was not going to let yesterday's dinner get me down. I was going to pick up where I left off, and transfer my best intentions from yesterday into today. I followed through on that and ate my plain chicken breast and piece of roasted yam for lunch. I ate my grapefruit and had a granola bar before driving home so I would have no excuses (like hunger) to not run my 5 x 400 meter track workout.

I drove home in the pouring rain, thinking about how I was going to rush in, change into my running clothes, grab the pooch, and have a kick as run in the pouring rain. I had a lot to run off today, I needed to run as much for my emotional health as my physical health. As I was exiting at my freeway exit, my co-worker calls me (the one that likes to tempt me with bad food). She says "sooo...that boy that slept over last night forgot to put my house key under the mat, and now I'm locked out of my house till 10pm." I knew she was fishing for an invitation to come over, but I HAD to run. After few minutes, and she realized I wasn't going to give her an invite, our call ended.

Phew. Crisis averted. I changed into my clothes, grabbed the dog, and off we went. I drove to the school where I kept picturing the location of the track. Apparently, I had made up the track entirely in my head! There was nothing but two baseball diamonds. Well shit, now what? I racked my brain trying to think of a public track, and came up empty. It had to be a track since its a known distance. One lap = 400 meters. I drove to the empty field by my house, and decided I would just "eyeball" it. I'm not sure if I ran 400 meters each time or more, or less. It doesn't matter really. It was a good, challenging workout. I was running on a grass field, at a higher rate of speed then normal, and after each lap, I was winded/wheezing. After I completed 5 "laps" I walked it out for a bit, and then came home and made an awesome salad. Yay for me!

So there you have it. Apparently being hungry is enough to derail my plans, but a friend in need of a place to go when she is locked out has no effect. Huh. I'm not even going to try and analyze that.


  1. nice!!! co-worker doesn't really sound like a friend, just sayin' :)

  2. True dat. Maybe that's why I didn't feel bad at all. Heh.