Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 2 Curse

I was watching The Biggest Loser last night, the second episode of the season, and all the contestants kept talking about the "week 2 curse." Not being a religious follower of the show, I could only decipher that in past episodes, weight losses were not as great, (if not disappointing) in previous week 2's.

Keeping the show in perspective, as far as it being entirely for entertainment only, I sat on my couch and thought about things that can lead to a "disappointing" week 2. I say disappointing because the weekly weight loss numbers on the show are unrealistic for the average person. A contestant will lose 6 pounds in one week and the camera will pan to trainers Jillian and Bob, and they will be sharing a "WTF" look. I would be worried if I lost 6 pounds in one week.

As I fought the instinct to become a zombie and have the exact emotions that NBC writers predict I will have watching the show, a few thoughts came to mind. I found it funny that I was on my week 2 as well, I can follow along (heh). I also thought, well, of course they aren't going to lose as much weight as week 1. Week 1 was probably mostly water loss, and as the contestants build muscle, there will be some catch-up time before their bodies and metabolisms are processing the additional benefit of muscle.

I find it interesting that the show does not lead you to any conclusions for the cause of the curse other than the contestants aren't working hard enough. F-biology, 2 more hours in the gym is what they need to overcome the week 2 curse. Here is this show that is marketed as being inspirational, yet it subconsciously sends untrue messages. And don't even get me started on all the money they are raking in with The Biggest Loser brand. I can just see fatties every where rushing out and buying stuff that they think is going to be the miracle cure...just like on TV.

I don't want to bash BL too much here, because I will continue to watch it, and I do enjoy it. The Biggest Loser satisfies the instant gratification we have come to demand in our society by fast-forwarding weight loss at incredible rates. It also gave me a rationalization for why I lost 2 lbs this week and 4 last week...the week 2 curse (lol, I'm not disappointed). When I came up with reasons why the contestants didn't perform as well as they wanted in weigh-ins, I immediately threw that knowledge back myself.

So, as far as I'm concerned, the week 2 curse was made up by the show writers to add some drama. After all, if I don't get disappointed when a contestant loses 6 pounds instead of 15, then the writers are not doing their job.

I will not apply that thinking to my struggle, any week I lose weight is a good week.

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