Monday, January 4, 2010

I Got Paid.

Today began day 1 of week 2. My boyfriend started winter quarter of classes today, and has an 8am class. Lucky for me, that means he and I are up at the same time, and he would prefer getting a ride to school with me rather than walking, so I now have no excuses to not go the gym before work. Everything is working out fabulously! I keep getting more and more help on my journey.

I woke up today and ate my 1/2 grapefruit. I went to the gym and weighed in. I was nervous, but knew I HAD to see results with the week I had last week. So, I happily took my shoes and coat off, hopped on the scale, and WOW! I lost 4 pounds since last week. I added 5 minutes of running on the treadmill to my 30 minutes of the Eliptical machine with arms. Over 5 days, that extra 5 minutes is going to be like an additional 25 minute workout!

Four pounds is a very nice reward for actually eating correctly and exercising. I say 'actually' because for the past 3 years I have been in denial about how much I was eating. I would go through phases (lasting 2 days maybe?) of eating right, only to think I deserved a treat and essentially erasing all my progress. I played this game with myself along with exercising (exercise has always been a constant in my life) and wondered why nothing was happening for me. I discovered that I can exercise all I want, but when it comes to me losing weight, it all depends on what goes in my mouth. Period. There is a feeling I get when I'm eating less, eating correctly for my needs. I want to say it's almost euphoric, but if I'm not paying attention, it is easily missed.

So how am I going to keep this up? I've set a goal (a few goals, actually, short term and long term). I'm planning my meals. I'm EATING LESS. I'm EXERCISING MORE. I'm eating a better composition of foods. I'm writing down what I eat. I'm keeping a blog. I have many friends who are supporting me on this. I have a routine. I'm keeping in mind that if I want to get paid, I have to work.

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