Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week 1 Re-cap

Monday- 12/28: Had enough. I got motivated to begin changing my eating habits. It had nothing to do with the New Year coming up, and everything to do with a clear realization of just how large I have become. A switch flipped somewhere in my brain, and suddenly I was able to wake up early and go to the gym before work, and be satisfied after a 700 calorie per day reduction. Victory of the day- knowing in my head this feeling of change was different- this motivation was coming from some place deep.

Tuesday- 12/29: Day 2. Put in my 30 minutes at the gym before work. Planned out my meals for the entire day, which consisted of really changing the composition of what I eat. I know from paying attention to my body, that I need to add more protein to my diet. I know it makes me crave sugar less, and keeps me satisfied longer. I also need my carbs to strictly come from fruits, veggies, and whole grain sources. Got inspiration from Tracy to start my own 'journey' blog. Victory of the day- started a blog, seriously began writing down everything I eat.

Wednesday- 12/30: Gym, 30 minutes before work. I really think best while doing some form of exercise, whether it be walking, running, or on the eliptical machine. Keeping on track is so easy as long as I'm moving...I come up with all these excellent plans of how I'm going to change up my workouts, eat great (and less) and I couldn't feel better! So, I came up with my plan of things to incorporate for next week, that is if I'm still with this next week...Victory of the day- keeping up my new 'routine' for the 3rd straight day.

Thursday- 12/31 (aka, New Years Eve): Put my gym time in. Continued with my whole grains, fruits, chicken breast, and nuts meals. REALLY wanted to "celebrate" with some chinese take out as I have done almost every year in the past. No. I had to do better. So, I decided to still treat myself, by making whole wheat pita bread pizzas instead. One day I will post the recipe for those, because OMG, they were so good, and I felt amazing after eating. Probably because I felt a sense of power for not giving into my craving, and the meal was such a perfect balance of protein, whole grains, and vegetables, my body didn't need anything else. I headed out to pick up my boyfriend and head to a NYE party, knowing I would have to consider the calories in the alcohol I was sure to be consuming. Boring, I know, but hey, I'm serious about this. Victory of the day- Not getting chinese food, saying no to all the party appetizers-chips, dip, crackers, salami, fresh out of the oven taquitos...

Friday- 1/1/10: Gym was closed today due to the holiday. Had a quick fake sausage breakfast sandwich, and headed to the dog park. I later did a Jillian Michaels workout video, wow, she kicks my ass. I know that resistance training is going to have to begin soon, as that is an integral part of being healthy. A friend of mine called me around 7pm asking if I wanted to join her for Thai food (my absolute favorite) luckily, I had already eaten, so I agreed to go and just watch. We ended up going to a pub with bar food, and I didn't order any food, but did have two rum and diet cokes. Victory of the day- Not ordering any food at the pub.

Saturday- 1/2/10: Boyfriend and I hit the gym first thing (noon, but hey, on a Saturday that is first thing). Continued to make not only good food choices, but to eat less. I'm still in disbelief of how easy this change is coming this time around. It's like all of a sudden, everything makes sense, and I reach for an orange instead of chocolate. Headed over to a friends house, and to my surprise they had just got a Wii fit. I have quite possibly the most competitive group of friends, so the night consisted of nothing but playing Wii sports. I'm hooked. Searching for a deal on a Wii fit right now... Victory of the day- I did not snack at my friends gathering, it is so easy to mindlessly eat chips and salsa, and not realize you just downed 400 calories.

Sunday- 1/3/10: Rest day. I took a quick walk over to the mall to run some errands. I'm still fricken sore from the workout with Jillian on Thursday. For real, I highly recommend any of her workout videos. I'm ready for Week 2 to start tomorrow. I'm ready to add 5 minutes to my AM cardio workouts, and begin going to the gym for a second workout in the evenings 2 days a week, focusing on resistance training. I'm ready to add 1/2 grapefruit to my everyday diet. But mostly, I'm anxious to step on that scale tomorrow and see if this week is reflected on there. Victory of the day- Remaining focused, motivated, and feeling great!

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