Saturday, March 10, 2012

365- Yup. And March Challenge Buddy

As you can see by the title, my year has started over.  Texas did not go as planned.  It started out great, the first two days I was up at 6am hitting the hotel gym before my meetings.  I'm not sure where it fell apart, and honestly, it doesn't matter.  The only thing that does matter is getting back on track as quickly as possible.

Luckily...I have a March challenge buddy.  March challenge buddy is a fellow blogger and CrossFit enthusiast, also, a couple of days ago I wrote a guest post for her.  This girl has been kicking ass at her gym lately, and just finished up a very successful Paleo Challenge at her gym.  We decided that we will do the CrossFit Open 12.1 workout at the end of the month as our benchmark (since we both did it at the beginning of the month).  I hope some of her badassness rubs off on me this month.  

Since I'm starting a week into March, that means there is no room for wiggles.  I must be as diligent as I was in February.   

Goals for March are:

Continue with the increased fish oil (and other habits I picked up last month- too many to type!)
1 gallon of water/day
Continue working with the green pull-up band- get to sets of 5?
Follow along with the Open workouts- 12.1- 62, 12.2- will do sometime this week along with 12.3

Ok.  Back at it!    

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  1. We've all been there I think - it's SO easy to fall off the wagon. Fair play for getting back on of luck!