Tuesday, March 27, 2012

348- Improvements

Thank you for the well wishes yesterday, everything is going to be fine.  There is no other option.  While I try to keep deeply personal items out of this blog, occasionally there is some overlap in so far as how some items will affect my overall health.  I want to lay everything out on the table not in the hopes of getting sympathy from anyone reading, but more so that I have a record of my actions and subsequent actions/reactions. 
Now, back to regularly scheduled programming...Yesterday was a great day for me.  My eats were 100% on point, and something very interesting happened during our warm up at the gym.  On Saturday, I wrote about "swinging a heavy bat."  For anyone out there that has never played baseball/softball, players put weights on the ends of their bats before going up to hit (or if you are old skool, you swing 2 bats at a time) so that when the are at bat, and swing the unweighted/one bat, it comes around A LOT faster.  It works.  Minds are tricky like that.  Taking this theory to my running, I decided to run to the store, do some shopping, and run home with my goods.  I honestly had no intention of noticing a difference the next time I ran, and really just needed to get some groceries!  The heavy bat thing came to me as I was running, because lately at the gym I've been trying to use weights a little higher then the Rx'd weight for girls (whatever it may be) and one of the trainers said to me "swinging the heavy bat, I like it!"
Yesterday, we went through our normal warm-up/dynamic stretching stuff before we got into the REAL warm-up (usually 3 different moves 5-10 reps each, changes everyday depending on what the workout is) and when we were done loosening up, trainer says "out the door, 400m run."  Out we went, and I was the second person out the door, but I felt fast.  I kept waiting for the people behind me to pass (like they always do) but I was holding them off, and it wasn't hard.  I was just running.  After the turn around, HCT (hot cop trainer) passed me when we were nearly back to the gym, but that was it!  Usually I jog in the door last, or second to last.  Not yesterday!  I jogged in 3rd.  There were 4 people behind me.  Boo-yah!  So maybe there is something to that heavy bat afterall?  I haven't felt that way running since pre-ankle injury.  It could also be my added weekend runs, or that I've really been focusing on intensity in my workouts, or the BCAA's, or a combination of all?  Either way, I'll take it. 
We then worked through the rest of the warm up- 3 rounds of: length of gym OH walking lunge w/ 10lbs, 5 inch worms, 10 back extensions.  For the workout I got the chance to swing a heavy bat again, it was a barbell complex (deadlifts, power cleans, front squat, push press), and the recommended weight for girls was 65#.  I decided to go with 75#.  I made the super fast girl next to me do 75# too, because I knew that if she did 65# she would beat me by minutes.  If she did 75# it might only be 10's of seconds that she beats me (I think she still beat me by a full minute, even at 75# grrr).  The awesomest girl in the class did 95# (same weight as the boys) because, she is a beast.  One day I will be like her.   
Keeping in line with actually following through with what I say I'm going to do, I'm prepared to start running to and from the gym everyday.  I can no longer use the weather as an excuse.  That means at the end of each week, I will have logged an extra 4 mile run, presuming I keep my four day/week gym habit.  I'm curious to see if this creates a noteable gas savings?  The gym is only 0.5 miles away, so I'm not driving very much, but still, with gas prices on the creep, its always good to save where I can.  Yesterday I left my crossfit shoes in the changing room at the gym, and today I brought with me my preferred running shoes for the journey.  This does mean that I'll be once again changing into my workout clothes here at the office.  I sure hope the old iron pants* that complained about me doing that finds some real work to do so she's not all up in my businass...
*found out months after she complained about me wearing workout clothes in the office that everyone calls her iron pants because I guess, she's gone after everyone at some point or another for something...LOL!  I was so relieved I wasn't the only one secretly hating her. 


  1. Iron pants, lol. Why does somebody always feel like it's their job to spoil the work environment?

    Way to tear it up with the runnning! Love the weighted bat phenomenon.

  2. Good job Violet! Hope to see you soon!