Thursday, March 1, 2012

200- March 1 Update

Goals for February:

1) Firm up my diet - more veggies, portion control
2) Supplements!
3) continue on my coffee hiatus
4) 1 gallon of water per day
5) Shake this plateau

All of the above were accomplished.  I reached a new low weight (was hovering around 38 pound lost) now I'm at 45 pounds lost, I ate a vegetable with nearly every meal, coffee hiatus is still on, supplements have become routine (fish oil, BCAA's, vitamins), and I've been weighing/measuring my protein portions like crazy to make sure I'm getting enough.  

Challenge buddy is super busy right now, so I don't have her monthly wrap up, but once I get it, I'll let you know!  New challenge buddy to be announced soon- we are starting March 5th or so. 

A couple of things to note this month- I reached a new 30rep max back squat PR- 135#, the highest of any girl at out gym, I am now able to use the green band for a few assisted pull-ups, began running again, and I'm sort of following along in my head with the CrossFit open. This week's workout was just released, and I might just be able to redeem myself for the Burpee fiasco.  (which, by the way, I did the burpee workout again in the GYM yesterday, and got 62.  MUCH BETTER)  

The results are pretty stunning, but I'm not comfortable posting the MAJOR change pictures on this blog.  If you want to see that, leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I'll send you blinding white belly pics.  

Otherwise, here are the ones that you can't really tell.  Me, February 1st:

March 1st:


  1. Um, Wow! Huge difference in one month! Congratulations! You look great!

  2. THat looks like an awesome difference and you should be SUPER proud!