Saturday, March 24, 2012

351- Swinging a Heavy Bat

Last weekend when it was 39 degrees outside and raining, I made a little promise to myself that anytime I'm home on the weekend and there is sun, I will run.  Today, its a solid 58 degrees out, and I thought it would be fun to run to the store with my backpack on, shop for a few items for dinner (meat and veggies) and then run home.  

Honestly, I thought it sounded like a good way to break up the monotony of my normal runs.  The route is different, I'd have the added challenge of additional weight, and my run had a purpose, fun, right?  I figured if I'm trying to get better/faster at running, then doing a few shorter runs with added weight will create the illusion of me being super light the next time I run. The store is about 1.5 miles away, and the way there is mostly uphill.  My empty backpack flopping around was sort of an annoyance, but didn't make the run any harder.  I got to the store in 16 minutes flat.  When I walk, it takes 25 or so minutes.  It's official, running to the store is faster than walking. 

I wandered around the store and kept fighting the urge to put naughty things in my basket.  Not like handcuffs or dildos, but cookies, and Easter candy- anyone else find it ironic how Easter candy is basically the devil?  I settled on treating myself with some all natural pork jerky, got some dinner stuff, and got the hell out of there.  The run back was slightly less annoying since the backpack had some weight to it, it wasn't flopping around so much.  It also helped that the route was mostly downhill.  The way back took me 14:45.  I was surprised that even with a 12 pound backpack, the downhill made the trip faster.  I wouldn't have predicted that.  

While this wasn't quite the fun time I had imagined in my head, it was a really great way to break up my normal run pattern.  Of course, the perfect weather outside might have something to do with the overall experience...anyway...what do you guys do to shake things up a bit?  

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  1. Last year when I lived in Hawaii I got in the habit of getting up in the mornings and running to the store and then walking back. I cannot stand to run with a backpack and typically just used reusable shopping bags. I also walk through isles of grocery stores and now instead of really really wanting a candy bar, I look at the whole isle and realize it is pretty much filled with poison and fake food if you think about it. It is rather gross...

    Today I mixed it up too though! I'll post about my bike in a minute but I rode it today to my boyfriend's house instead of driving! It is beautiful outside!!!