Saturday, March 17, 2012

358- Learning to Push Harder

I think I've written before about this force in my head that is always trying to protect me from working too hard.  This force keeps my breath steady on long runs, slows me down in long WOD's, and sometimes suggests I should stop doing things for fear of overuse or injury.  I only became conscious of this force when one day, just to see what happened, I ignored it.  Not only did I live, but I discovered a whole new untapped world of intensity.  I caught a glimpse into what it must feel like everyday for those crazy elite athletes who definitely have never been subject to any force that would prevent them from pushing 100% every time.  

Learning to ignore that voice has been an ongoing project of mine.  Just like anything else, learning how to push yourself to the limits of intensity on a regular basis takes practice.  Some days I get it, some days I don't.  This past week, I got it.  Four days in a row to be exact.  I'm not sure if it was the specific programming of the workouts that aided in my achieving maximum effort every day, or what, but wow, this past week was a KILLER.  In a good way of course.  

After each workout, flat on my back in a pool of sweat, I remembered- THIS is what its supposed to feel like.  THIS is how I know I gave it my 110%.  With this past week's workout's fresh in my mind, I recall a lot of fighting with my body.  There was a lot of encouragement in my head for me to put the weight down for a second, or to rest more.  I fought to hang onto the weight a little bit longer.  I fought to return to an activity quicker then I wanted to.  

The fighting paid off, and I posted scores I was proud of.  Today is the first day since Tuesday I'm not sore to the touch somewhere on my body.  Now, to remember to keep fighting to reach that intensity with every movement, every workout, everyday...that is the goal.  

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  1. I just took some time browsing and skimming through your posts. You're on a roll. Listen to yourself, listen to the parts of you that believe in you. Let the other crap go. You're worth it, best wishes!