Tuesday, March 27, 2012

347- Thruck Fusters

If we could go one week at the gym without doing thrusters, I'd be excited.  A thruster is a front squat into an overhead press in one smooth movement and we do them all the time.  Ideally you use the power of driving up out of your squat to get the weight overhead.  They suck.  They suck the life out of you.  Some days I really like doing them, because they do make me feel badass, but today was not one of those days.

I kinda had an off day in my workout today.  I didn't realize the beating my shoulders had taken yesterday with the 75# push presses until thruster #1.  I came out of my squat, and as I locked my arms out overhead with 65# today, my shoulders screamed in protest.  It was not a scream of "stop what you are doing" but more of a "hey we needed to be warmed up WAY more."  Instead of pushing through the workout with great intensity, I just focused on doing the movements to the best of my ability, and keeping a steady rhythm.  The more thrusters I had to do, the better my shoulders felt, confirming my not warmed up enough theory.  Many times I don't want to warm up the movements we will be doing in the workout for fear of not having the energy to do them in the actual workout.  I really need to ditch that thinking, because I always find that I move best once I'm a little ways into the workout.  

The other movements today were toes to bar (ugh) and hand release push-ups.  It was rough, but at then end I surprised myself with how many rounds I got through.  

Today was my first day running to and from the gym when I had a car I could possibly be driving.  All the other times I've run to the gym have been because the bf deluxe had the car.  Now that the weather is warmer, there is no reason why I can't run there every time.  It takes 5 minutes.  Unless I get stuck behind a train...which seems to happen every day, whether I'm driving or running.  I need to start timing my runs to/from the gym so I can see if I get faster.  Plus, you all know how much I love data.  

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