Monday, March 19, 2012

356- Thanksgiving in March

My life is now complete. Tonight I successfully turned lemons into lemonade, or rather a crappy faileo baking experiment into the most delicious thing in the world. That's right. I made a gluten free, totally 100% paleo stuffing. Thanksgiving 2012 will be my bitch.

Ok, ok, I know. I sound just like every other person that turned some non paleo item "paleo" and can't stop raving about it. Well you know what? I'm pretty sure I tried making all those things and they sucked. I forced the bf deluxe to try all the crappy things i made with my most convincing face...mmm..."tastes just like..." and it never worked.

Until tonight. The significance of me discovering a stuffing I can now eat in my paleo life is probably lost on most readers here except for maybe my sister. She has seen the stuffing monster in me. Oh, man. Stuffing. I could write a book on how much I love stuffing, how to make it properly, and how no one can make it like our family. The only thing I ever cared about in the world the weeks leading up to and on Thanksgiving day was stuffing. I could go on, but don't want to risk revealing how creepy my obsession is. You get the point, right?

So, back to how this came to fruition. My post yesterday was a review of some recipes I tried over the weekend, one of which being a recipe for paleo "cornbread" muffins. Yeah, I'm not going to lie, these things sucked. As I tried a little corner of one I thought, "the only thing that might make this bearable is if I smothered it with strawberry jam." Now that is not the point at all! Then it hit me. Toast the pieces of crap and try turning them into stuffing.

That is what I did, and it worked. Like, the bf deluxe had two full bowls of the stuff worked. Like I could feed that stuff to blindfolded people and they would never know worked. Like I danced around the kitchen yelling "fuck yeah" worked. Like I kinda don't want to post the recipe for free (but will eventually) worked. Yeah. I'm excited.

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  1. Awesome! That looks great. I also have a paleo stuffing recipe I made up with flax/almond bread cubes.

    Looked at the corn muffin recipe and noticed that the grain substitute is coconut flour. I just started experimenting with coconut flour recently and I also found it makes crappy breads/cakes. My coconut flour chocolate cake experiment was HORRIBLE. The only things it has worked for so far is coating fish and pancakes. Almond flour or almond flour/flax has worked a lot better for me for cakes/breads. I'd bet that would give you more of a cornbread flavor if you are looking for that.