Sunday, March 4, 2012

197- Weekend Running Report

Yesterday I did my weekend running loop, and rocked the sh*t out of it.  It was my third time running the loop, and each time I get better/see major improvements.  The first time out, I was not able to run the entire way up the 1 mile hill at the end.  The second time, I had to take a few walk breaks, but was able to run up the entire hill, for a time of 57 minutes.  After the second run, I set a goal to be running the loop in under 50 minutes by summer.  Yesterday, I ran the entire thing in 53 minutes.  Getting it under 50 minutes in a few weeks shouldn't be a problem.  

Every time I'm out on the trail, I remember how much I like running.  My mind opens up and I'm free to ponder so many things.  I saw a sticker or shirt or something somewhere that read: "Running, cheaper then therapy."  Truth.  I'm thinking about signing up for a 5K this summer.  I don't know- still kind of gunshy about the ankle, but as long as I pick a 5K that is on pavement I should be ok?  I'd really like the first time I get a sub 30 minute 5K to be in a real race.  

In other news, I'm traveling for work this week- I leave tomorrow and get back late Thursday night.  I plan on giving myself a little bit of a mental break from the intense February I had.  I won't be such a crazy about my salt intake, weighing my portions, or how much fat my meat has on it (um, I'll be in Texas, brisket!?!).  I do plan on getting my water in, trying to eat 5-6 times a day, and performing crossfit-esk workouts either in the hotel gym or in my room.  My trainer at the gym tipped me off to this hotel gym workout:

And I'll probably give this site a perusing:

When I return, its game back on.  I'm hoping March challenge buddy with be with me starting the 9th, but if not, I've got a super-buddy lined up for April.  Hopefully I won't have to spend the last 3 weeks of March erasing the damage done this week in Texas.  I do love me some BBQ!  


  1. Good job on your run! There is an app for running (records miles, time) I have seen friends use while traveling... it can be a fun way to see the city! Enjoy your bbq!

  2. I would say just do it and sign up for a 5k. Find one in your area in the next couple months, and register. You will have a target date then and can really know what you're working towards. Best wishes!

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