Thursday, March 22, 2012

353- Do You Workout?

I'm switching to a new dentist since my old one is like 20 miles away near my old job.  Yesterday I had my preliminary consultation where they took x-rays, poked, prodded, took pictures, etc.  They also took my blood pressure/resting heart rate.  The assistant put this fancy thing on my wrist and asked me to fold my arm across my chest.  After a few seconds of pressure, the thing released then beeped.  She took a look at the screen, and then says "Whoa, do you work out?"  In the millisecond before my "YES" answer, my mind flashed to earlier in the day, when I effectively moved 2,850 pounds from the floor to over my head, rested 2 minutes, then did 30 front squats at 60% of my max.   
I workout (now LMFAO is stuck in my head).  I lift heavy sh*t as often as possible, and I try to move it as fast as I can.  This week I have been surprising myself left and right in the workouts.  I've been pushing myself, and trying to obtain that breakthrough point where my body is saying "take it easy" and I just don't listen, every workout.  On Monday, I went 10# heavier then the recommended (Rx) weight for girls and my time was STILL respectable.  On Tuesday, for our 22 minute AMRAP, I picked a number of rounds in my head that I wanted to get (current leader on the board got 14) I chose 15, and got that plus a little more.  And yesterday when I saw the workout was 30 ground to overheads, I knew I wanted my 30 reps to be at 95#.  I was in a class time with all boys.  I was lifting the heaviest weight of anyone in the class.  Sure I took a little longer, but not by much.  I was prepared to let the 30 reps take me 10 minutes, because I wanted the higher weight.  The 30 reps took me 6:32, and I think I could have done it even faster since I really didn't fall into a technique rythym until the last 10 or so.  Even so, I was pretty excited since the last time I did 30 ground to overheads, it was with 75#, and it took me 8:17.
It was a total "book cover" moment.  Just looking at me, without knowing anything about me, you may not guess that I work out.  However, a small glimpse into my insides, and the numbers don't lie.  Most surprising to me was my resting heart rate.  I always remember mine being really high, like 80-90 beats/min.  Yesterday?  It was 63.   


  1. Wow, rock on! I want to be you when I grow up. :) You are inspiring me towards free weights a little more every time!