Thursday, February 2, 2012

228- February 1st (2nd?) Update

Last month was not my best month.  I did not catch the "new year" fever, and ended up with a month of maintaining.  Lesson learned.  Without further ado, here are the photos to prove I haven't turned into a bloated whale, I look pretty much exactly the same.

January 1:

February 1:

My goals for January were:

Focus on getting back to a clean paleo diet- too many things have been slowly creeping back in (dark chocolate, nuts, corn chips, etc.)
This didn't really happen.  Too many compromise items found their way into my day.

Drink 1 gallon of water/day
Yes!  Well, damn near close.  I'd say I averaged around 100oz a day, which is a vast improvement over the 40oz or so I was getting in before.

Weekend at home kettlebell workouts with the new toy
Yes!  Love the new toy.  I use it nearly daily, even if its just to do a few shoulder to overheads on each side.

Continue with Fish oil/vitamin D supplements
I did awesome on the vitamin D, but the fish oil thing I can't seem to make part of my routine.  I will continue to work on this, since getting Omega-3's is SOOOO necessary.  I did try to eat more of our pasture eggs, walnuts, and tuna (all good sources of Omega 3's).

I did have a few awesome PR's for the month of January, I hit a new deadlift PR of 235#, and I discovered my 30 rep max back squat PR is 125#.  Keep em coming!

As I mentioned yesterday, goals for this month are:

1) Firm up my diet - more veggies, portion control
2) Supplements!
3) continue on my coffee hiatus
4) 1 gallon of water per day
5) Shake this plateau

I'm still feeling the tail end of this cold, so I'm not feeling my best.  Hoping it moves along soon.  I miss the gym!  I checked in with challenge buddy earlier, and so far day 1 is a success for us both!  Oh, and if you thought I was kidding about her being funny, check out the comment she left on yesterday's post.   


  1. Aw, you'll make me blush! But I'll say it's just rosacea ;)

  2. " too many things have been slowly creeping back in (dark chocolate, nuts, corn chips, etc"

    So, shouldnt your year have started over each time you consumed them? This is what I didnt understand that last time I commented. You said your year would start over if you consumed "added sugar, grains, and legumes" and those things you just mentioned contain all of those things you consider "taboo" yet the year hasnt started over each time you mention eating those things.

    1. Sorry Ann! I forget that not everyone has read every post :). I addressed the issue of corn and chocolate here:

      Looks like you are doing wonderful things. Keep at it!

  3. I checked out the post and I agree 100%!!! Have you read any Mark Sisson's suff? (Primal Blueprint) He advocates the 80/20 rule in regards to eating "Paleo." I am very interested in these types of "diets" (which IMO are really just "fads") Because no one can really commit to them 100% - they are NOT sustainable. I know there are so many benefits, but in the end - it really does come down to quality of life. And I agree with that post of yours completely. Good luck to you!!!