Friday, February 3, 2012

227- Green Tea

Big news here, I just discovered green tea.  As a good friend kindly said to me after I shared the news with her "welcome to 1999."  Totes.  I've been coffee free for over 3 weeks now, and surprisingly, after the first 5 days, it wasn't hard.  I never found myself mindlessly going to the coffee maker and filling up the coffee pot half way with water before remembering 'no coffee.'  I never found myself in the breakroom grabbing a paper cup and holding under the pump pot before remembering 'no coffee.'  I just sort of forgot about coffee altogether.  I don't know, its hard to explain, and weird because for as many years as I can remember back (15+), I've started EVERY morning with coffee.   
A few weeks ago, February Challenge Buddy recommended a green tea blend she liked.  BF deluxe kept trying to get me to try tea.  Finally, yesterday, I had it up to my eyeballs with my stupid half-cold (not full blown enough to miss work, but not less enough to be ignored, and 5 days already?!  Over it!) and I wandered into the breakroom and noticed green tea.  Work just happened to stock the green tea brand challenge buddy recommended, but not the type- she likes the mint green, and we only had plain green.  No worries, I found a bag of mint tea next to the green tea, and combined the two.  Crazy, I know.  I figured I wanted more flavor, so I let those guys sit in there for about a minute, and when it cooled down enough to not burn my lips off, I tried it.  The warm liquid was so soothing to my sick throat, and made my sinues feel better.  Before I knew it, the tea was gone.  It was also fantastic to drink something besides water.  Sold! 
I woke up today feeling so much better.  I doubt its the tea, and more of the half-cold finally running its course, but whatever.  I had more tea today, and it was delicious.  I can see this easily becoming a new obsession of mine, and isn't there something about green tea and weight loss?  Hmmm.  Slow to learn sometimes, slow to learn.
In other news, I felt well enough today to go to the gym, and I have no idea why after missing 4 days of CrossFit, it felt like my first day.  Always.  Must remember to not skip so many days.  They announced today a Superbowl Sunday WOD, and I'm all about that! 


  1. I'm a big fan of mint green tea. It's hard to find after the holiday season :(. And yeah, some studies say it helps reduce belly flab. Happy Day one!

  2. Your friend was extremely kind. I would've said "Welcome to 1969." ;)

    Mint green tea is all over the place here. Hell, tea is all over the place here. Then again, the Stash HQ is about ten minutes from my office so that might explain it. I like peppermint tea when my stomach is upset -- ginger is good for that too, but I tend to find it too biting to my taste. When I have a sore throat, the best is lemon tea with honey. I really like Stash's Meyer Lemon tea for that, and of course honey from the farmer's market.

    I actually never liked tea at all until I did an afternoon tea at the British tea store here in Lake Oswego. Having a correctly brewed cup of tea makes all the difference.

  3. Lolol. Baby steps :) - c