Friday, December 31, 2010

Universe? Is This a Joke?

Sometimes I feel as if the universe is playing one big practical joke on me. Let's examine this past week alone. It is my last week at this job. I was scheduled to work Monday- Thursday, and have Friday off (New Years Eve, federal holiday, etc.) and have a nice three day weekend before starting my new job on Monday.

Well, I get a phone call on Wednesday morning from my boss saying there is too much snow near the office, and don't bother coming in. I can come in on Friday instead. This job is turning into the job that never ends. So here I sit on a federal holiday when all of our clients have the day off (meaning any outstanding e-mails will go unanswered, and anything I submit will go unread), causing me to have nothing to do, waiting to go to crossfit, then home, the party (whoooo new year!). Ok, so maybe some of you are thinking so? That's not that big of a deal. Clean up your desk/computer and be happy you are on your way out. Fair enough.

But. But! On Tuesday of this week, I get an e-mail from that California job in which I interviewed for back in February. I have remained somewhat in contact with them because I don't want to burn any bridges. But if you remember, I had a difficult time negotiating things with the company, and ended up turning down their job offer because the salary they were offering wouldn't be feasible for me. So, the e-mail says "We have a possible job opening in Seattle. Are you interested?" I wrote back, "thank you for thinking of me, however I begin a new job January 3rd and am no longer looking for new employment." She wishes me well, and I think that is the end of it.

Yesterday, I get another e-mail from the California job. This one has all the details of the position, including the salary. The salary is ridiculous. As in A LOT. I know this move is done by the California job on purpose...and all I can do is laugh. THIS IS MY LIFE. The day before I start a new job, I get asked to apply for a job paying ridiculous amounts of money. Now I know money is not everything, and I don't want anyone to think that all I'm focused on, because I MUCH rather have a job that I like, that I'm good at, and that I feel is stable, then a crappy job paying a lot of money.

So, I'm trying to keep things in perspective. The difficulty I had with the California company (9.5 hour interview, stressful negotiations, etc.) is still fresh in my mind. However, who is to say I'm going to like my new job? I could absolutely hate it. I kind of like the idea of having options. I especially feel lucky in these hard times where there are millions of people who are looking for work. Believe me, none of this is lost on me. I am grateful, while at the same time feel I'm being toyed with by some higher power.

I sent the California job my updated resume. The position they are looking to fill doesn't start until May, so I'm thinking I will have enough time to check out my new job and see if its a good fit before deciding if I want to take a big risk and leave probably the most secure industry in the nation for a larger (MUCH LARGER) pay check. Sigh. Never a dull moment!

Wednesday's snow day, and the job stuff (ending job of 3.5 years and being asked to apply to yet another new job) has thrown me off track. I missed two days in a row of crossfit, that has NEVER happened since I started, and my eating has been so NOT paleo. Tonight being New Year's Eve, I don't expect this trend to end until at least tomorrow. Without doing it on purpose, this year I'm turning into one of those "January 1st I'll start back on it" people. I'm ok with that, because I know I will be successful. I have spent this whole year being successful.

This is the year I will do a pull-up. This is the year I will run a sub 7 minute mile. Now that my collar bone is in sight, this is the year I find my hip bones!


  1. Yay! Definitly keep your options open. And I don't think you should feel about money- you should be paid for the job you do and so many professionals are underpaid. I have to say its really cool to see my friends (like you and C) make the jump from being college grads scrounging for jobs (like the rest of us) to career professionals who are, and should be, highly sought after. Congratulations and here's to 2011!!!

  2. I can't wait to see my collar and hip bones again.

    Chin up, kiddo! This new year will be amazing!