Friday, December 10, 2010

Start Date!

I passed all the pre-employment hoops, and got a start date today. I'm very excited to be starting out the new year with a new job. My current boss was also really cool this whole time...considering I put my "two" weeks in three weeks ago, and now I'll be working another 9 days here.

Things have been good on the exercise front, not so good on the eating front. Most days I have my shit together, but I have been allowing more and more sugar to creep into my diet. Sugar is the death of me. I know this. My headache is a constant reminder.

In yesterday's workout, we did this crazy move... holy cow, it was a KILLER. It literally made sweat roll off my nose and drip on the floor.

I did the modified version, but still:

Ok...I'm off to drink LOTS of water, eat protein, and psych myself up for today's workout. Entering BeastMode.

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