Friday, December 3, 2010

Serious Improvements

Yesterday at CrossFit, we began a new program. I'm floored by how much time, dedication, and thought the owners/trainers invest in the gym and us- the clients. It makes me want to do great things instantly, like suddenly start running sub 7 minute miles, and jumping up on 24" boxes, and banging out pull-ups like I weigh 45 pounds...just because I want them to succeed in all the work they put in, and success would me mean being able to do any of the aforementioned items.

Anyway, yesterday was all about body control, and performing movements that will help us work on our body control and will eventually lead us to obtain 3 movements- Ring Dip, Pull-up, and Toes to Bar. We had to do some non-typical CrossFit plank pose, and dead bug, and some typical things such as hanging from a bar, V-ups, diamond push-ups, and static hold (on parallel bars, almost like L-sit, but without the legs out in front).

I've been CrossFitting for about 3 months now. In my first week, attempting to check some things off my level one sheet, I attempted to hang from a bar for 30 seconds. I lasted 3 seconds, and WOW, that felt like an eternity. A few weeks later, I tried again, and was able to make the full 30 seconds, but barely. Yesterday? I hung for 45 seconds. I could actually feel other muscles engaging to hold me there, like my abs, instead of before I was just focused on how my arms couldn't keep hanging on.

Before starting CrossFit, I used to do a Jillian Michaels video pretty regularly. I thought it kicked my butt. In level 3, the video uses a lot of "plank" pose moves. They were SO hard. I would try and see how long I could hold plank for, usually not even making it to 30 seconds. Yesterday? I held it for 1 minute, 45 seconds!!! I was shaking like crazy, but I was trying to 'win' at least one thing. It was just me and one other guy, the other 3 people had dropped. I was staring him down. Finally, I hit my limit. He lasted till 1 minute, 52 seconds.

While I often beat myself up for not being able to do the majority of the workouts fully prescribed, I should focus instead on what I HAVE accomplished. It is pretty amazing to me that in just the short time I have been participating in the CrossFit program, I am seeing incredible results. It gives me so much hope that one day I will be doing pull-ups, running sub 7 minute miles, and just about anything else I want to do.

In case you missed it, I'm still REALLY excited I can get these boots on! I got the boots on over a pair of my skinniest jeans. But the jeans are super thin...almost more like a khaki/jean material. I'm wearing one of these outfits today:


  1. Awesome outfits!!! Is it just me or does the mirror (or is it an angle?) make your head look tiny? Hehe. We should have a plank-off when I'm in town. Except that you will beat me so many not.

  2. Hmmm...I don't think my head looks small? My shoulders are very broad. Perhaps I lost 40 pounds off my head?

  3. I think the angle of the mirror is weird cause the edges are not straight.
    Super cute outfits! I love the boots and the jeans IN them! Makes me want to follow suit and get dressed up and go out.

    I have a pair of my gandmother's boots from Brazil- they are four inches high and gorgeous (no platform), they do not fit around my calves- this is motivating me to do something about it- I thought it was impossible but now I see that I can!!

    I blame it on waiting tables for too long.

  4. You can do it Lea!

    There is no mirror. I'm standing across from a shelf. The angle looks like a 3rd grader took the photo, but that's because I wanted the boots in the shot. If I put the camera higher, no boots can be seen! It does look sort of fish-eye-ish is an underwater camera.

    Clearly not a photographer!

  5. Lol 40 lbs off your head!!! We need to get you a tripod so you can start fashion blogging.

  6. That sounds so intense! Great job! I love it when you can list you CAN do after thinking you couldn't do it. I love boots! I love your boots! You look great!