Saturday, January 1, 2011

60 Day Challenge Results

I bet you thought I gave up on that whole 60 day challenge thingy I was so gung-ho about November 1, 2010? In some ways I did, and in some ways I did not. Since November 1st, I went to Crossfit 4-5 days (some weeks 6 days) a week. My eating however, suffered some major difficulties after Thanksgiving.

That being said, I am SO happy that I decided to take measurements for this challenge. I said back in November that I am happy about my 40 pound loss for this year, although during this challenge, I was hoping to lose a few more pounds. My poor eating choices ensured that did not happen. I didn't weight myself this morning, but I'm pretty sure I damn near close to the weight I was November 1st.

After a night of partying and alcohol and poor food choices, I'm not feeling my best today. I feel bloated and fat and like I haven't changed one bit in 2 months.

In walk the measurements. I made a goal for myself of how I would like my measurements to change over the past two months. Here are the results:

Goal (reduction)

Calf 1"
Thigh 1.5"
Hips 3"
Waist 3"
Forearm 0.5"
Upper arm 1.5"

Measurements (1/1/11)

Calf: -1 inch (GOAL MET!)
Thigh: -2 inches (GOAL MET!)
Hips: no change
Waist: -0.5 inches
Forearm: -0.5 (GOAL MET!)
Upper arm: -1.5 inches (GOAL MET!)


I'm pretty excited about this. Just to beat the dead horse a little more: 1) the scale is full of shit, and 2) Crossfit is amazing shit. The measurements speak for themselves.

Today I took myself out for a New Year's Day run, and it was awesome. I really do miss running, and the weather was so amazing today, there was no way I could NOT go run.

Happy New Year! Let's make this year better than last!


  1. Love your blog name. Yep, that darn scale - getting out my sledge hammer. It is a good idea to take your measurements, isn't it?