Sunday, January 30, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect?

We had a workout last week that involved Burpees. 100 of them in fact (5 rounds of 20 with some running and lifting mixed in). I think I have posted about Burpee's before, but in case you don't tune in everyday, or don't remember, here is what a Burpee is:

I just liked the song that went with that video.

Anyway...I SUCK at Burpees. I can do one, maybe two like the guy in the video, and then I find myself moving slowly, and instead of jumping my legs out when I fall, I walk them, and instead of jumping my legs back under me before I stand, I walk up. I always jump at the end. Don't get me wrong, this is still very taxing on my body, and for sure gets my heart rate going. Try some.

I was reading a Paleo/crossfit blog somewhere, and I remember a woman who decided to partake in a Burpee challenge. For 100 days, she performed Burpee(s). On day one, you do one. On day two, you do two, and so on and so forth until day 100. I figure this is an excellent way for me to get better at my dreaded nemisis. I began yesterday with one Burpee, and am about to head to the family room for two Burpees today. Sure, I'm all confident now, but by day 40, I think I'm going to start panicking.

Just out of curiosity, I totaled up how many Burpee's that would amount to if I followed the program 100% for 100 days. Are you ready for this? 5,050. FIVE THOUSAND BURPEES. FIVE THOUSAND FIFTY!!!!! I better be a Burpee rock star on May 8th (the end of my 100 days).


  1. I tried doing some of these and about died. I think that starting with one and working up is a great idea!

  2. I'm in! We did them in Kick Boxing (but only 5) and I love them- they kick my ASS! I did one for today!! Such a great challenge idea! Look at all the:!!!!!

  3. Something I've learned over time that seems counterintuitive, is the faster and more all out you go the easier they are. When I go slow in order to conserve energy I seem to be even more tired. However when I go fast, I'm more efficient. I still need to rest, but can bust them out faster over the length of the workout.