Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hmmm, Cauliflower or Pizza?

With nearly one week under my belt at the new job, I feel confident enough to say, OMG this place is SO much better then my old job! Let me count the ways:
1) Someone empties my desk garbage and recycling EVERY night.
2) There is hot coffee in the kitchen all day long. Three kinds! (strong, medium, and decaf)
3) We have a kitchen
4) My boss wears cowboy boots to work everyday (I don't know what this means, but I like it)
5) I have everything I need, or a way to get what I need easily.
6) I have a cubicle
7) I like working so close to downtown- much closer to fun things
8) My commute is easy, either by car or bus

I discovered one major challenge today. Having a kitchen and working in a big office for a big company means food in the kitchen for employees all day long. This morning, when I went into get some coffee, there was some sort of berry tart. The kind of thing that I would have gobbled up in seconds prior to my Paleo days, and not really even enjoyed it. Just ate it because it was there, and I could. It didn't even look that great. So, off I went with the rest of my day.

This week I prepared all my lunches on Sunday, and froze them into pre-packaged little baggies. So, all I do is grab one meat bag (grass fed hamburger this week) and one veggie bag (roasted cauliflower)and bring those along. Eating the same thing everyday for lunch isn't a problem for me, it actually works pretty well. Most of the time. I walk into the kitchen toting my baggies of meat and veg, and on the counter was the biggest pizza box I've seen, containing a huge pizza. And not just cheapo pizza, high quality pizza from a really good place! There was also a huge bowl of salad next to the pizza.

I've been waking up earlier to adjust to my new schedule, and that means I eat breakfast about 2 hours earlier then I'm used to. I start to get really hungry around 11:30 or so, and that's when I've been taking my lunch break. It was so hard to continue with my plan to eat my brought lunch, and not find a way to justify a slice or two of pizza. As my burger and cauliflower was heating up, a genius plan struck me. I could dish up some of that salad, put my burger and cauliflower on top, and add some dressing, and BAM! A whole new lunch to break the monotony. And that is exactly what I did. Pizza what? I didn't even miss it.

That is how you turn lemons into lemonade. Except it was pizza, and pizzade would be gross...but you know what I mean. Taking a tough situation and making it into the best!


  1. Great Plan B. You outsmarted that pizza - lol. We have food in the lunch room a lot and I always say to myself, "Ewww, who's been touching that," or "How long has that been out on the counter?" Works for me.

  2. Great job! I love putting crumbled veggie patties/burgers on top of my salads and then mixing it in. Yuummy and, you're so right, a nice way to break the monotony.

    Great work!