Friday, January 21, 2011

Two-Hours in Traffic Workout

I love irony. Perhaps because I fall victim to so many ironic situations. Take today for instance. What a perfect Friday it started out to be! I was getting stuff done...big stuff! Like I called the copy machine fix it guy to fix a problem that has been happening since my first day three weeks ago. I'm not the only one that uses the copier with the issue, but apparently I was the only one that cared enough to call. You know what happened when he showed up? After he was done fixing the machine I called him for, swarms of people from all parts of my gargantuan office came out of the woodwork to have him fix machines by them! Really?????

Then, I get an e-mail from the boss saying to leave at 2pm (YAY) because they are testing the fire alarms in the building, and I don't want to be there. I was so excited! I could make it to the 3pm CrossFit and then have SO much time!

At 11:30, the power went out. We have a generator (of course we do). The generator just took care of the lights, and no one's computer worked except for mine. Really???

So I leave work at 2pm, so excited. No traffic, thinking about a chill Friday night of pork shoulder tacos. Then I see a of those large signs they have to warn you of upcoming traffic issues. I see it says ALL LANES CLOSED AHEAD. USE ALTERNATE ROUTES. Bah! Says me. If everyone goes alternate routes, I should be fine! Besides, I knew of another traffic sign up ahead, and I would make a decision what to do once I saw that sign. The second sign says MAJOR ACCIDENT, THREE LANES CLOSED. Things are improving! By the time I get there, should be cleared up! No traffic, no traffic....I make the decision to continue on, and realize even if I get stuck, I can still make the 4pm class.

Then I came to a screeching halt. 2 hours later, I found myself at the gym. I get out of work two hours early, only to sit in traffic for two hours. Really???

But, I discovered that I have a new way of quantifying things. How badly do I want to work out? Bad enough to sit in traffic for two hours. I definitely would NEVER wait in traffic for two hours for a free donut! And I kicked the workout in the ass, BTW.

So, how many hours are you willing to sit in traffic for your workout?


  1. That was a great WOD today! Did you compare your time to the last "elizabeth" workout?

  2. That was my first "Elizabeth" I liked it!