Monday, January 3, 2011

New Job, New Routine

Today was day one of my new job, and day one of my ambitious plan to drive to the park and ride, take the bus to work, work, ride the bus back, and immediately hop in my car for the 15 mile (with traffic) drive to the gym.

Things that went my way today:
My timing (luck?) was impeccable. I never had to wait more than 2 minutes for a bus.
I made it to the gym an entire hour earlier then I planned.
My prepared meals worked great.
Since I was training, and that meant a lot of listening, I got to drink plenty of water.

Things that did not go my way today:
I'm 89% sure I sat in bum pee on the bus.
The lady training me today had the worst cold ever. I can't believe she was even at work. Hoping I don't catch it...but with all the key board switching etc., I'm nervous.
I got my last pay check from the old They f-ed me royally. It's taking all I've got to be the bigger person and not send the e-mail/make the phone call I want to make.

First days are hard. I had the usual nerves to power me through waking up 2 hours earlier then normal, and getting myself to work on time. About noon or so, the mass amounts of information were starting to take their toll, and I began toying with the idea of skipping CrossFit (its my first day of a new job...its so far to drive...etc, etc.) I quickly put an end to that chatter in my brain, and before I knew it, it was 4pm. Everyone was gone. Oh, so this is what its like to work 8 hours! I left at 4:30, and with my aforementioned bus luck, I got to my car by 5:10, and was at the gym by 5:40. The workout was hard.

I felt SO much better after working out, I can't even believe I had one single fleeting thought about no going.

My routine and commute can be improved on I feel, so tomorrow I'm going to try driving to work and see how that goes. If I drive instead of bus, I'll get there a little earlier, and can leave earlier, missing the major traffic on the way to the gym. I'll figure it out eventually. Its only day 2!

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