Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Love My Gym

I've tried lots of things to motivate me/make me exercise. I blame it on my parents, because for as long as I can remember, they have been encouraging (read: making) me exercise since I was at least 10. So, at 31, to say I have tried everything is not far from the truth.

The first incident that I remember was my mom's obsession with climbing half-dome in Yosemite. Its a 16 mile round trip hike, very difficult, and the last half mile involves scaling precarious cables up the granite rock! So, for nearly a year, we walked every night, a minimum of 3 miles. On the weekends we went for one or two hikes on the local mountain. We made camping reservations and set a day to make the hike. We were in good shape. I remember how rock hard my calves were. I swear they have never reached that point since. When we arrived at Yosemite, we learned the cables weren't up so we couldn't make it to the top. The nightly walks and hikes ended upon our return home.

Next came various after school sports; soccer, tennis, etc. I wasn't very good at these so lost interest quick.

When I started high school I joined the crew team. I remained on the team for 3 years. It was interesting, and I learned a lot about pushing my body to new limits, but alas, I wasn't very good at it and lost interest quick.

In college I was on the sailing team, but I was (am?) pretty good at that, so I stuck with it, however its not that much of a workout. At least on the collegiate level, a lot of drinking is involved. Olympic sailors are hardcore. In addition to sailing in college, I worked out at the University fitness center and spent quality time on the elliptical. I also discovered running, and by my junior year, I was running 20 miles per week. I liked running a whole bunch, but hated how hard it was to get back into it after a seemingly short break.

After college, I tried to avoid joining a gym and would sporadically take up running. I would get to the point where it was easy/fun again, and then I would stop. Then I would kick myself for letting my fitness slide each time I took it up again. This pattern happened more then I would like to count/admit.

A few years of this on again off again running, and began working at a gym by my house. I figured if I was working at a gym, then I had no excuse to not workout. Well, actually working at a gym had the OPPOSITE effect, as when I was done with my shift, the last thing I wanted to do was workout. I didn't want to go to the gym when I didn't have to go there for work, and I certainly didn't want to go there on my days off! Yeah...free membership that I hardly used!

Next came various different gym memberships (that I was paying for) and more attempts at trying to get back to running like I was in college, and workout videos, and Wii Fit. Nothing really stuck. Obviously. I always ended up dreading working out. I never understood the whole "find something you love." In my book, it all sucked!

Until CrossFit. Never in a million years would I've thought I would drive 40 minutes out of my way to get the ass kicking of my life, everyday. Never would I have thought that I wouldn't get sick of a gym. Never would I have thought I could improve so much in so little time. Never would I have thought that an individual workout could be such a group effort. This is what its all about.

Never wanting to miss a day. Feeling amazing after a workout. Having a strong, knowledgeable support group. Doing whatever it takes to fit my workout in. Giving it my all everyday. I love my gym. Do you feel the same way about your gym/exercise routine?


  1. I love working out at home now. I have a nice set-up. I really enjoy working out to the DVD's I have (but have never used). I found out that you can't lose weight just by having them in the house... DRATS.

  2. I love the gym too. After I finished playing sports and went to college, working out was always a boring routine where my results always plateued until I gave up. After gaining about 30 pounds, I figured the prime of my physical life was in high school and why bother, but Crossfit has changed all of that. It always inspires me to see everyone's progress because I know how long and difficult it is. Great job Violet! Emi and I really enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Thanks Kyle, I LOVE your blog too! It makes me look forward to those cheat days.

    BTW, the pork belly and brussel sprouts recipe nearly had me licking my computer screen...that recipe is actually easily made Paleo, I can't wait to make it!

  4. I’m proud to say that I love my gym too! Having a club where people share the same interests and goals as mine significantly helps me focus in maintaining my sense of wellbeing.