Monday, October 11, 2010

Vacation Over

I didn't necessarily mean for my vacation from work to be a vacation from blogging, but it just sort of turned out that way. As a result, I have so much stuff swimming in my head. It feels like I took more than a week break, based on how much stuff happened.

Mega Victories:
Running a 7K in 48 minutes.


Remaining 100% Paleo while out of town (away from my kitchen)
Convincing my stubborn mom that Paleo is a) sustainable and b) good for me
Losing 3 pounds! Plateau over!
Today I Back-squatted 185 pounds, and was told I was "smoking the other girls at the gym" (in back squat)

Driving a 16' moving truck from San Francisco to Seattle in 13 hours sans accidents/tickets
Making delicious birthday cupcakes for my boyfriend and only eating 2
Making it to 4 Crossfit sessions while on vacation (it should be noted that the gym is next to my work)
Seeing the huge Paleo success my brother in law is having...he and my sister cooked this Paleo meal for my mom and I:

Playing 2 hours of football with my friends and not being sore one bit the next day
Successful first meeting of my mom and boyfriends parents
Ate at many restaurants when my mom was in town visiting...remained mostly Paleo.
Had a phone interview for a job today, I was one of 8 people out of 40 that applied that got a phone interview. We'll see if I get selected for an in-person interview.
Visiting new locations in Washington:

I have so much blog reading to catch up on!


  1. I don't think I realized how fast you ran it!! That's sub 11 min miles! :) Nice work.

  2. Wherever did you find a 7K?

    How anyone could look at that plate of food and say it's not sustainable or good for you is beyond me. I'm moving back towards paleo, now that my stomach is in shreds from being off it for six weeks. I'm so miserable without all my meat! Argggh!!

  3. @cilley- I had to go to San Francisco! It was gorgeous!

    Paleo is the way for me, for sure. Now, about 2-4 hours after ingesting too much wheat and/or sugar, I'm having an allergy attack. That alone is enough to keep me away from the Non-Paleo stuff!

  4. I commented on the wrong post it said: WHOOOoooo!!! Congrats on everything!!!